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TimLC's Roll20 Tokens

edited November 2018 in Fan Art and Creations
So I've been playing a lot of Dungeons and Dragons lately. I know it's not URealms but hey...
But anyway, I've been making a lot of little tokens to use on Roll20 because, well, I wanted custom tokens. And tonight I figured, whilst I can still vaguely remember how to draw, I'd take a swing at a couple of classic Unforgotten Realms characters so here's Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon and Eluamous Nailo! 

And here's an example of how I use these as tokens:

But yeah...just wanted to share with the community and if anyone wants any tokens like this making I'd certainly be interested to have a go, just ask! I'm trying to get some more practice in. 


  • Whilst repurposing this thread of mine I went back and looked up my first piece of Unforgotten Realms fanart and am astonished and terrified to realise that it was drawn over 11 years ago! 
    So for fun...I decided to redoodle it!
    Original (2007):

    Remake (2018):

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