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Looking to get back into URealms

During Season 2 I've been on this forums and hosted my own thing known as "Fred's Realm".
At the time, I thought it was a good idea, now I kinda don't like it plus it has kinda died since my group no longer play urealms in general, eventually they went off since I didn't want to get a certain game since they never convinced me.

So I'm looking for people to play with, whenever it's being a Player or GM I am more than happy, I just really want to get back into it again, heck I've learnt from my mistakes in the past to become a better GM and Player.

I have Discord ( Smexy Likeok4™#2560 ) [Active]
(EDIT) Discord: 
Smexy Like-o-Lantern™#2560 (Only for the rest of this October.)
My Steam: ( ) [Not as active]
Or even message me here. [Not as active, but i'll be checking this frequently just in case.]
I'd recommend messaging me here on this thread or PM me via the forums if it's a one-off campaign instead. (Telling me dates and such would be nice too)

I am more than happy to read and catch up to the current lore of games/realms that have been in process already, and would prefer weekly games if possible. Or even a few weeks, I just want it somewhat active yet not too daily that it becomes more of a pain.

The only tricks I believe in is that the dice is rigged.

Anyway, thanks in advanced for reading.


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