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A Walrus Old God Divine (OGD Idea)

so I think that we should make the old god divine a walrus and make the walrus lead all of walrus kind to create a empire of walruses why? you may ask welllllllllll:
1. general amusement 
2. cause walruses if edjamacated can be very smort 
3. cause we will have an excuse to PRAISE THE SUPREME WALRUS
4. nobody will see it coming
5. idk
6. the funny 
7. possibility of a knew race card
9. good story opportunities
we should also make the walrus old god divine a bit chaotic for the sake of unpredictability 
(tuxedo and tophat included!)


  • Sign me up!

    But only if The Walrus wears a tuxedo and a top hat, just like the walrus from The original Unforgotten Realms series, the evil walrus, who's name escapes me right now
  • sure why not 
  • This is amazing and I'm probabl on board.
  • Sign me up as well! The supreme walrus will rule all!
  • so there are three factions 1 faction wants to make the world of urealms a better place by using the old god to do good things but will inevitably be turned into a tragic hero or maybe just a villain another faction wants to use the old god divine to give the old gods more power and then will be subsequently guilt tripped by rob for being power hungry and the last faction THE WALRUS FACTION who want the old god divine to be a walrus so he can become SUPREME WALRUS of the walruses who will also get guilt tripped for taking entertainment over morals as in not trying to fix the mistakes we have made...…… so bad things all around you might say well we will get a meme out of getting the SUPREME WALRUS so that's why you should vote WALRUS FOR GOVERNER THE RAT GUY IS NOT ACTUALY A RAT WALRUS FOR GOVERNER
  • so anyone have any counter arguments?
  • what if there is no walrus option?
  • edited September 2018
    Jk we probably would just make a gnome or something supreme walrus
  • I support Walrus Supremacy
  • i seen this suggestion before and iam all for it. as long it is a non player race, think it would be more fun and interesting with a race like walrus spider or monkyfish over the standard player races like elf and gnome.
  • @Revoltman Whats the name of the first faction, the one where they want to fix urealms?
  • It would be foolish NOT to have a divine walrus being when we have the chance to create one. Honestly, there is not one valid reason to not have one. I want to see an evil and sassy walrus mama that don't need no man to make her happy. I would spend my dollars on a t-shirt that had a walrus god on it. I mean, who wouldn't, amiright?!
  • Personally if its an option id want a divine spider. Now i don't mean like a death skeleton spider i mean like a tiny spider around the size of the tarantula.
  • as the one who first said this i all behind for the walrus god ALL HAIL WARLUS THE WALRUS GOD!
  • @War_master_9 I don't think they have a name
  • anyone els have any counter arguments
  • Make the Old God Divine a Funk so that every time rawb has a funk donation event he can add in more blatantly meta stuff than usual
  • that does sound like a good idea but we wont be able to have a SUPREME LEADER ogd
  • *When people are wanting walrus old gods* 

    Now that there.. is quite some heretical stuff XD. Is a walrus not just a companion at the moment, like how the Blood Snake queen is? Sure they are both sentient, but like they are just a side story character or an objective to kill. What makes it a good idea to have a walrus old god divine again then, if all they will be is a mere companion.
  • yes they are a companion at the moment which doesn't mean really mean much just because they are a companion in the game doesn't mean they can only be a companion   
  • @Revoltman I stand by my counter argument of having a tiny spider mostly because it would just be amazing to see a dragon fight with something so tiny and even more amazing to see the spider win... also because it seems we will be able to choose each leg and maybe eyes and head.
  • but......SUPREME WALRUS
  • anyone els have any counter arguments?
  • My only counter argument is to just make a goblin called Tom and that’s about it
  • but why and we cant call it tom anyway @Murlin22
  • We should make the Bone Wizard Commander from Murder bros and Buckaroos (Ted) the Divine. Its the only option.
  • We should make it a penguin. 
    I am not saying they will soon take over the world, so why should there be any need to get in their good graces. Nope not me.

    A penguin I tell you. 
  • @Dolfinmaster I don’t think we should be taking already existing characters and making a ogd version of it we have the sky is the limit after all we should create are own story not tread on others
  • @Revoltman you do understand that our entire purpose in this world is to intrude on the story of those living in the world right?
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