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Why is Lance an Ageless if he is a Dvergr?

I ask this question for a decently important reason. It was established in Season 1, in the Silvermine Mountains campaign, that Dvergrs could not become ageless. Rob himself said this. So why was Lance made into an ageless when it should not be possible? Was the lore on this topic changed? If so why didn't, and hasn't, Rob addressed it? The easiest answer would be to say that Lance isn't a Dvergr but that wouldn't make sense since both Bruce and Virendra, his parents, were both Dvergrs.This just really bugs me and I hope Rob or someone else involved with the show comments to explain this because I can't stop thinking about it.  :|


  • Spoiler Alert for the most Recent Campaign.

    Bopen was recently revealed this campaign to be a god, "it was a god that killed virgo sunsword" so most likely the restriction of Dvergrs not becoming ageless doesn't apply to him.
  • I watched the campaign, and the clip that played in the credits of the campaign was the trailer for The Purge. Also, Bopen is not a Divine since the Sandbold magic had an effect on him since the magic of time magic does not effect Believers or Divines. Rob said it himself that Bopen was frozen by the time magic.
  • @kunaiknife452 Wow that was bad grammar on my part.
  • The most logical conclusion is that Bruce, despite being born of 2 Dvergrs, is not a Dvergr himself, but just a normal Dwarf.

    I guess it depends on genetics(magenetics?).
  • Alternative theory: Bruce and Virendra softened Lance too much by throwing him against walls and stuff so he lost his rocky skin over time. Or the dragon silver had something to do with it.
  • might be due to how they're born.

    Dwarves crafted from stone are Dvergrs, while dwarves born from other dwarves are not.

    it's also possible his upbringing had something to do with it. It looks like he may have been in some way raised by Douglas and Salazar, so it's possible some aspects of them carried over to him, including the fleshy skin.

    or the constant use of a basketball, idk.
  • Oh yeah they could always just blame something Salazar or Douglas gave him to eat or drink or did to him 
  • Obviously all that dragon-silver he injested as a baby, made his skin silky smooth and baby soft. That shit ain't right for Dwarves.
  • it could be that salazar and douglas took him to another realm that has dwarves but not dvergs so lance became a normal dwarf then because dwarves do exist in urealms when they brought him back he stayed as a dwarf
  • He jobbed so hard, he broke the internal rules of the world. A real tragic character that Lance is.
  • *put conspiracy hat on*
    Are we sure that Lance? And not a pretender? How hard would it be to switch babies?
    What if Douglass lost the original lance and replaced it with a dwarf baby?

    And the real Lance is lost inside a painting somewhere, being feed silver till this day!
  • My guess is it's just #BopenBeingBopen and not caring about the rules. Could be that he has a way to to make Dvergr Dvergrs into Ageless because he uses his own modified Ageless conversion spell, or perhaps he gained some powerful magic by virtue of his creation or plundering that simply brute forces its way past the Dvergr Dvergr's natural immunity. Not unreasonable, since Bopen is referred to as a god. Whether he is or isn't, he's clearly very powerful.

    Easier(ish) answer: If I'm not going insane and/or losing my memory (both of which are possible), Rawb said there were not Dwarves in existence at the start of the S3 Finale, only Dvergr Dvergrs (aside from Douglass "I'm not from this show" Winechester). Obviously, Dwarves came about some way, and Rawb said it was probably as an off shoot of the original Dwarf/Dverg Dverg race. Lance happened to have a mutation or something that made him a Dwarf, becoming either the progenitor or a Dwarf that somehow just broke the rules of evolution and differentiated into a whole new race in one generation. Either theory (BopenDoingBopenThings or DwarvenEvolutionIsWeird) has... difficulties, but could both be the core of a plausible explanation Rawb might give to wave away the problem.
  • Well, since Lance became ageless he clearly isnt a Dvergr, and it was never stated that he was just presumed that he was.
  • @CaesarBarringster
    if lance was a dverg then I believe this is the most likely explanation.
  • Lance isn't Dvergr. He was born, not from stone. Where do you think normal dwarves come from? They don't all come out Dvergr.
  • @Rob Would that mean that all Dvergr were alive back when Thor was making them, or could there be another cause of Dwarves being made from stone?
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    @Rob What CookiesandMil_ said. Or, moreso what I'm wondering, is it not possible for Dvergrs be born from parents at all, making them like Porcs in that regard? If so, how recently had the Dwarves been created at the start of the finale if Douglass was probably the only non-Dvergr Dwarf?

    And most importantly:
    Can they puke on rocks to make other Dvergrs a la Porcs and pigs. (I kid, I kid, though I am curiou of their reproductive process if have baby-making makes baby Dwarves that aren't Dvergrs)
  • What Rob said was that dvergrs can give birth to both dvergrs and dwarves.
  • Yeah, what @Fera said. It seems they can be born either or from Dvergrs
  • @Rob If Lance is not made of stone, then why was he thrown and kicked around like a toy during the S3 finale? A dvergr dvergr need to be softened up as they said, but what about a dwarf?
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    @TheWizard maybe all dwarves are born like basketballs? but they just harden differently and it's hard to tell if they're dvergr dvergr or soft dwarf until a certain age?

    EDIT: Just had a thought! Maybe Dvergr Dvergr are made when two Dvergr Dvergr climax into stone form and that creates Dvergr Dvergr babies! Dvergr Dvergr literally have to get rock hard!
  • @Rob so how does the realm get more dvergr dvergr if thor is now a bronze statue? Did they just go extinct or did other dvergr dvergr make more using stone?
  • @War_master_9 I like to think that King Bernard William Akers developed his knowledge of recreating himself and began making more Dvergr Dvergr. Thus Coe's silly lore saves the day.
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    @Fera *peaks back to re-read what Rawb said* Ah, I see. Thanks for pointing that out. I must've read it too quickly, and thought he was saying Dvergrs were only born from stone. Well, that answers my questions. Well, that must be strange when having a child: "Is it a boy or a girl?" "Boy" "And is he Dvergr or a fleshy Dwarf?" "Dvergr".
    PS: Bad luck for Lance. He's a mere second generation Dwarf, the child of two of the original Dvergr Dwarves, and he ended up being a regular Dwarf and thus not immune to being made Ageless.
  • @War_master_9 Rob said "They don't all come out Dvergr". So, like Fera and CaptainDeston pointed out to me, it seems to be that they can either give birth to Dwarves ("regular") or Dvergrs. So, it's probable that Dvergrs are way outnumbered by regular Dwarves, unless two regular Dwarves can birth a Dvergr. If not, and at least one parent needs to be Dvergr, then the Dvergr population is probably pretty low, but not endangered or anything. If I had to guess.
  • Soft Dwarf is a dominant gene or something, lets do some urealms genetics get out your punnett squares everyone! 
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    @Shane If it's dominant, then Bruce and/or Virandra should be "Soft" Dwarves. But, since their both Dvergr, they wouldn't have the gene (if it were dominant) and thus couldn't pass it on. If it were recessive, then it would be possible them to both have the gene and not be Dvergr. Then, Lance would have a 1-in-4 chance of being a "Softie", if Dvergr status relied on one gene (I think. High school biology, don't fail me now!).
    Alternatively... Hmm... It's also possible that Dvergr-ness is sex-linked, like color blindness. Bruce has a Y-Chromosome and an X-Chromosome without the gene, while Virandra has one with the gene and one without. It would still be a 25% chance (If Bruce is XY and Virandra is Xx, then the possible children are (XX, Xx, YX, and Yx)), but it would make it so that female Dvergrs are more common (as a "Soft" female would have to have a "Soft" father and a mother who is either a softie or is a Dvergr that is a carrier for the gene.
    I doubt most of this matters though, as we are applying IRL genetics to URealms, where at least one race was created on accident by Thor after a hard night of partying (The Porcs being created by a pig being vomited on by Thor), possibly more (I wouldn't be surprised if the first Form was a tree he took a piss on), and the race we are debating about was spontaneously created from stone via divine intervention. So, who knows if actual genetics works in URealms, let alone the Dwarves.
    Edit: Finished the comment after accidentally posting.
  • I think Dvergrs have rocks for bones which is why they can't be ageless. You need bones for bones if you're to become ageless. I don't recall ever seeing Lance go into Stoneform, so the cannon would follow that he is a regular Dwarf, and it is possible to be a regular dwarf even if both your parents are Dverger
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    @Drapperbat That is exactly how Rawb explained it in Silvemine Mountains. And thank you so much @Rob for explaining this. I don't think we ever had the lore on how Dwarves came about and how early they existed so this clears up a lot of questions I had.

    Also, I thought this thead died a while ago. Serves me right for not checking the forums very often.  ~_~
  • @HeliosSuntamer Well, it was, apparently. Until someone found it yesterday, and revived it, apparently. I actually didn't even notice this was from awhile back. I thought this was from within the last week. I that goes to show you that thread death is easy to undo (and you don't even get a Sin of the Unforgotten for reviving them!)
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