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OGD Idea: Phanto

After thinking about the topic of our divine that we will be introducing to the realm,
I have come to a decision:

We must reintroduce Phanto to the realm.
With Phanto in the realm under our control, the old gods could fix the damage we have done.
The failed resurrection of Phanto had caused all dragon aspects but Quintara Lotus to abandon the realm. The reintroduction of Phanto could unite the divines under our control, and wrest our will over the realm, whether it is ousting the warmongering Gwyneth from power, or combating the dictator Bopen directly.For this to succeed, we would need two things:

The race of an Elf, as this would be the only that the Divines would respect as truly being Phanto. (Or more preferably a dragon itself, although this will probably not be a possibility)

A link with the Order of Chaos, to have marked characters tell our divine our commands.

Along with this, we would need to create an extremely strong magic based character, hopefully with magic from the six schools of magic.

With this in place, the realm should be under our control.


  • Or wwe can make something that messes up the realm even more
  • tbh this brings up a interesting question, could we revive characters with this? Like, could we revive true Gwenyth? Or revive Bruce? I don't think we should, but could we effectively do so?
  • @Particleboy04 the only problem with that is 1. this "new phanto" is not necessarily under are control we can plan out his future but rawb can pull a devil in the details and get us fuckedmgucked 2. he wont be named phanto do to the fact that the name will be a hybrid of two old god names 3. rawb will make him hurt the world then he will help I don't think rawb could pass up the opportunity to make the old god divine a tragic hero
  • @Revoltman
    Idk man, a tragic hero seems like the obviois route, and rawb doesnt seem to want to go with the obvious routes
  • @Phendrix okay maybe but still I really dought rawb is going to go "okay sure make phanto 2" there is most likely going to be some twist to this like maybe: old god divines cant ascend or everything goes horribly wrong 
  • our influence is what screwed up the realm so bad in the first place. i fail to see how giving ourselves more power and more influence over it will make things any less horrible.

    we're not organized, we're not a singular being. We're fluidic and chaotic,anything you try to do to influence the world can just as easily be done by thousands of others in the opposite direction. 
  • as much as I love chaos I think that we went too far ( even tho we didn’t entirely know what the consequences of our choices would be in some cases ) for the next divine descisions I will be voting for whichever options may start to help mend the realm somewhat. I don’t think bringing the world under our control is wise for the very reason @TamTroll said, we are not a single being, many people myself included like chaos for the sake of chaos and many more just want to make a major impact on the realm. We can’t be entrusted with the realm entirely, resurrecting phanto could have immense side affects that we couldn’t forsee and I’d rather not be the cause of a The Birth of magic 2 - electric boogaloo.
  • I agree with @TamTroll and @Murlin22, we should try to mend the realm and create a benevolent divine #MendUrealms
  • Fair points from all. I back down from my original statement. I do however realize that our divine will cause chaos no matter what as


    Nader said at the end of the Lightbeards that, "It is the power itself that corrupts." 
    Knowing this, why would a benevolent divine be any different than any other character. Would Rob not corrupt the divine and use it to bring chaos to the realm.

    Not creating a divine would be the best course of action, but this display of mass apathy would be impossible. 

    The next best thing would be to create the weakest divine possible, so there is one less character for Rob to corrupt and use to cause chaos within the realm.

    Since the topic of this forum thread seems to be changing, I have created a new one with a different title:
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