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[Spoilers] Homework for season 4 - post-Lightbeards realizations



  • @Reizel the animation of the fight at the end of Lightbeards literally shows it getting lodged in the roof of the cave where it would later fall during the whelpling fight in Unexpected Discovery then be recovered by the party in Den of Devils before falling into lava. Unless someone went into that cave and retrieved it, then it became Bopen, then Bopen died somehow without destroying the sword and it was put back in the same spot, there is no way Bopen's sword is Sursurflame. Also it was specifically stated the sword given to Prince Phineas that would become the same sword Bopen uses was specifically crafted for him by the best blacksmith in Dundinborough.
  • @MrAnything01 We don't know that Virenda died. When watching the animation a second time, I notice something activating on the ceiling. It could of been a teleportation spell. Also of note, during Nader talk, we she her in a haft dragon haft dwarf form.
  • What if Bopen is a divine believer so the time stop magicks work the opposite twice on him?  :|
  • I think we are forgetting two important bits of lore. The golden sword that Bopen presumably possess. It was "forged for a dwarven king as a gift" If memory serves. This was a dreamweaver vision that occurred during the Cobblers. However later, in a divine decision we chose a very hard outcome. We decided that not all visions are real. Where as before, all dreamweaver and old god visions were 100% fated.

    Rohbear also called the blade he loaned to Virgo "Sursurmar," distinguishing the name as independent of "Sursurflame." Which may be misdirection, or his own arrogance. Which leads me another idea to consider. That's the literary device of the "unreliable narrator." We know two things. Nader is narrating some things some of the time. We also know that the players are narrating some things some of the time, and can call a food "pizza" but there is no pizza in the URealms lore. So. I'm suggesting. Just because we see a gold sword, that doesn't mean we can assume it is the same gold sword we have seen any other character wielding. Especially if we are making this judgement on the puppet pals props alone. Because I don't believe that aspect of the show is "canon."
  • @CongenialVirus ;
    but Rohbear also specifically says lesser creatures call it Sursurflame or something along those lines when giving it and the way it ends up sticking in the ceiling is obviously a call to den of devils.  It also did make deadbones immune to fire like Sursurflame does, I feel like it is clearly intended to be the same sword.
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