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The Æturnum Vale

"We knew it!"
"Of course, just had to wait for them to slip up and let the others know."
"Still, I'm surprised Douglass was the one who made them slip, he's the most loyal of those fools anyway."
"Yeah, I was expecting Maelstrom at the very least, if he got bored of them."
"Just a question, why are you recording this?"
"Well Zyra, it's to show to the other Old Gods, and let them know we knew, and let them see."
"So what? Are we going to be requesting art?"

Hell yes, art requests! That's it! We'd like your art! If you have no idea what to draw (Or write a cool description, we don't judge), then here we go!
The idea is simple: The Æturnum Vale is a place where creators of all kinds make their characters. Using certain individuals referred to as 'Conduits', they take powers from their respective pools of energy and shove them into their future characters. This place is dark and evil, with the eyes of the Old Gods ever watching from the walls, and their hundreds of chittering mouths ready to swallow up even the slightest speck of defiance.
URealms characters start here too, we know that all too well... it's just the creators of URealms didn't let it slip until Douglass came along.

So please! ART!
I know this is a really weird post, I didn't even know where it was going for the first part of it, honestly I was just going to shove a weird conversation in Offtopic and let people be confused by it, but Zyra had a better idea


  • "So...."
    "Yeah, I guess posting this the day before a campaign was a bad idea."
    "We need to bump it?"
    "Yeah, bump it."
    "Maybe a little bit of a reveal of something else?"
    "What, like your horrible idea for a 'overhead tactical DVZ flash game' you keep talking about?"
    "Hey, I made a random dwarf generator that works with the system using google slides!"
    "Yeah but still, you've got a long way to go, do you even know how to use flash?"
    "Exactly, sign up for some course in it or something, before you try to get people hyped up."
  • I'm not even sure what any of this is but I'm hype for it
  • I'm just asking for art and talking to myself. And also letting people know about my horrible plan for an 'overhead tactical DVZ flash game'
    I've already got the system worked out, all I'd need to do is set up a way to procedurally generate things. And learn flash.
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