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Do you normally get extra xp for donating rather than just watching?


  • i don't think so?

    think the idea is you get experience for watching OR donating, and that's mainly so that if you can't watch it live, you can still get experience by making a 2$ donation. and it's the WHOLE of the experience, not just 2$ worth.
  • You get a small amount of gold that is proportional to your donation, if I remember correctly
  • You do get more exp and gold for donating, although it's hardly noticeable unless you're one of the few who donate really big money. Watching/Donating any amount gets you all the campaign awards you're eligible for, but you do get bonus xp/gold for donating more.
  • IIRC You get experience for watching or donating to a campaign, (so if you couldn't make it saturday, you could donate to the event now and get the normal XP when rewards come out), and you also get a small amount of XP depending on how much you donate.
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