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Expanded Inventory

I'm just posting this here in case anyone wants it. 

You can place it on a board and use the gizmo tool to position it correctly, and then lock it in place. It's good if you want to expand how much space a character can have, especially if you're doing one of those characters that buys a bunch of cheap stuff. Feel free to limit it down if you want to, I originally made it for my mod a while back that involved a process closer to D&D. Check it out if you want I guess. Not gonna link it here though. 

It also has meta card/legendary slots if that's your thing. 


This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • The Konrealms Expansion also has some good expanded inventory options. Some that are bigger inventories, and some that are separate that you can place to the side.
  • i like this, gonna take a look and see if the rest of my group are interested in this.

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