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Friend can't post anything

A friend of mine (Lumiinoous) can't seem to post any comments or make any threads or anything. I know there's the blocker thing that stops spammers from just making bot accounts to spam everyone, but from what I've seen almost two months is a little too long for it, right? I think she told me that the popup said it should only take a day. I don't really know if something's wrong, she just wants to be able to interact with people on the forums and there's not many other ways for her to get in touch with someone for help with this. Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience!


  • I have had many users with this problem and while some solve it I cannot find the solution to spread it around. I realize this is a month later, but other users may see this post, try using another browser. There is something with Firefox I believe that causes the post button to be hidden.
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