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Niki's art dumpster (Come one! Come all!)



  • The desert brings many dangers. But sometimes also a few surprises 
  • Something a friend asked me to draw. 
    I think i did fine here. It took a long time to get it to where i was happy with it.

  • Where is the cable you ask?
    Pff. Magic is wireless 
  • Ok alright. I didn't get anything done today.
    I have a good reason for it. My big bro just bought this boardgame called Blood Rage.
    It is
    The badgers
    If you like boardgames. You should look into it. It's got vikings. And ice giants with exposed butts
    Image result for blood rage
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    Got this one done pretty early (If you can call 2:39 AM early)
    In case you're wondering. No. It's not paint 
  • Here. Take this weird shield. It will protect you from *Clenches fist*
    Urban violence

  • Yeah alright i know
    I took a break today so what?
    You gonna throw me in art prison?
    I was watching a cooking show
  • Plant girls?
    Yes please 
  • This took alot longer than you might think. 
  • So you think you have a big sword?

  • The hair was wack. I fixed it 
  • Ive had many excuses for not drawing. But i never thought one of them would be cuz i was busy listening to an audio drama
    Realmslayer A Gotrek Gurnisson Series
    Ive never read any Gotrek and Felix novels. But i gotta say.
    I think i just might pick up a novel or two now
  • Also my good friend @Murlin22 ; drew this excellent boy inspired by my style of drawing.
    Not my drawing. But i was very proud of my boy. He deserves some love 
  • Hippity hoppity
    Ima buy that property 
  • Don't let those eyes fool you. She a killer 
  • Finished this whilst Todd Howard was giving me those sweet little lies at E3
  • I'm playing a weeb game. Ill let you know how it turns out....

    no art today btw
  • This was a very frustrating drawing to shade
  • Ive been playing alot of FF14. I'm having fun with my lancer cat. Here. I drew her in my style 
  • Have alot to do tommorow. So no art today
  • Hey there. It's dangerous to go alone. You better arm yourself... what?
    You want me to give you something for free? What am i your dad? I run a business here! Charity has no place in business. 
  • Although i have no pictures of it. Me and my bro painted some figures for blood rage today. Remember blood rage guys? That game i showed off? Yeah. It was pretty epic.

    .... Anyways ill see if i have the time to cook something up today. ttyl
  • If you're wondering 10% off what. The answer is your life. And the price is all your valuables
  • Don't say anything. This is a professional environment
  • Bandit time 
  • I'm back after a whole day of binge watching. Here have a present 
  • This drawing took very little time. But i stopped midway as i had a campaign to attend 
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    It's your boy. Back at it again with another SICK drawing
  • Redid a certain angry boy 
  • If you thought the demon train was stopping with one drawing. Buckle up buckaroo 
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