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Niki's art dumpster (Come one! Come all!)



  • Horses? What nonsense. The superior nobility will ride only the most noble of animals!
  • What could she be up to? hmmmm... 
  • Thank you to my good friend Writing for the inspiration. (I know. I twisted it how i wanted to. fight me) 
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    OH MY GOD....
  • Hark when the night is falling
    Hear! Hear the mooks are calling,
    Loudly and proudly calling,
    Down thro' the glen.
    There where the hills be sleeping,
    Now feel the blood a-leaping,
    High as the spirits of the old Greenish men.

    Towering in gallant fame,
    Greensland me mountain hame,
    High may yer proud standards gloriously wave,
    Land of me high endeavour,
    Land of the bloody liver,
    Land of me heart fer ever,
    Greensland the brave.

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    Ooooooh in 6007. We sailed the great blue sea! For fortune, love and gold! And the Imperial company!

  • Now Wait a minute...
    This isn't a radish 
  • This guy must have heard a pretty funny joke 
  • (100th post bby)
    You had one job Greg. One fucking job. And you blew it. You absolute! Fucking! Amateur!
  • Ok. Forgot the stank lines and armpit hair 
  • Dammit, Greg! You're supposed to be an artist!
  • @nikiduke *hold up.. the colony one. *IS THAT THE MICROSOFT 96 START UP SIGN As A Flag*
  • @Toruk ; People keep saying that. And i see it. But no
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    If you come out in the woods tonight you'l never believe your eyes 
  • ^^^^^^^^^^
    This is my favorite so far 
  • ^^^^^^^^^^
  • have you ever seen the movie "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark?" The black little things remind me of that movie
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    Come back our great sons be not dismayed! Come join the e-very-jovial blade. Come booze and sing and lend us aid and help me with the chorus. Instead of spar we'll drink brown ale! and pay the reckoning on the nail! No man for that shall go to jail! For empress Margret to glory!
  • Did another drawing. 
    This one goes with the previous one i did 
  • For battle prepared in their country's just cause Their empress to avenge and support all her laws, As fierce as the tiger, as swift as the roe, The Tinker Light Infantry rush on their foe!
  • I am proud of this one. 1. Because i think i shaded it well.
    2. Because i somehow got it done in a timeframe where ill be able to wake up at 11 for my orthodontist appointment 
  • I like this one 
  • 2/3 complete 
  • I had some fun playing board games today. Still had the time to draw this ofcourse

    3/3 complete
  • You've 'eard of pirates.
    But ave ya 'eard. Of harpy pirates?
  • Oh that witch witch witch.
    Is such a bitch bitch bitch
    And quite powerful!
    (5000 good boy points if you get that obscure fucking reference)
  • Im gonna go with wakfu
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