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Niki's art dumpster (Come one! Come all!)

I do art sometimes. Id like to be better. So i try and draw as often as i can. Since ive got nothing better to do i thought id make a thread and throw all my art in it. Cuz why not.

Whoo boy. Yeah i dont feel like the start of this thread represents my level of skill anymore. So im gonna update it with some of my newer art.
Here is my most recent one. Its sort of a chibi army thing. I think its pretty good

Here is the one that i think im most proud of as of late. Its a magical girl i drew for a couple people you might know. Or not

Although this one isnt my best work. For some reason i really love it. I think its probably the smugness of the character 

I gots alot more and dont really feel like adding a comment for all of them. So im just gonna quick fire them

(This one i really like)

So yeah. There you have a small preview. If you like my art or have any criticisms. Feel free to comment. (I love the attention)
Take care.  ~_~



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