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Niki's art dumpster (Come one! Come all!)

I do art sometimes. Id like to be better. So i try and draw as often as i can. Since ive got nothing better to do i thought id make a thread and throw all my art in it. Cuz why not. Dont expect pro level art. Im nowhere near that. But i think some of my art is alright.  :/

My first piece on this thread is this one. Its a grill. Since i like drawing grills. Shes resting on her motorbike and doing whatever cool people do. I would rate it a solid 7/10

My second piece is this Mafia style lady. I colored it. Something quite rare for me. I would rate it a good Mafia/Mafia

(Wow thats a big image XD)

My third piece is the one i use for my avatar on discord. And yes it is based off of me. Im fairly happy with it A solid Niki/Duke

This is one that took a while. Its knight guy. Who is he? I dunno. Its a good 8/10 for me

Heres a dude holding a pike. Its one of my early drawings. It still holds up alright in my opinion tho. My score is Pike/Phalanx

Heres one thats titled "Night of the living twig" Why is titled that? Theres a reason. But im not telling. Anyway its my attempt at a silhouette drawing

NOW THIS ONE! Im actually pretty proud of. Its got this feel to it. I dunno. Good job past me

Heres a partner to that image. I needed to draw a grill alright!

And lastly we have my most recent work. Am i proud of it? Eh. But i still think its worth sharing. You could say it has a certain Explosive Personality Ba dum tss
Ok yeah that was awful im sorry

And thats all that im sharing for this first post. Ive got more. But ill only be posting it when im proud of it.
Constructive criticism is always welcome. Compliments too. Tho i dont expect them.
Also if anybody just wants to have a chat over art thats fine too.

Take care.  ~_~



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