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Stupidist Urealms ideas

Title has everything you need to know I'll start

All kobolds are a type of dwarf
Kobolds have 3 legs
Porcs are actually cows


  • elves are just lanky pale goblins
  • By the transitive property then all dwarfs are a type of kobold
    and @Noubi says all elves are goblins....
    Dwelves are actually just goblin kobolds
    Gobold = Dwelf
  • The Guys always record Character Creation shirtless, except Justin who instead goes pantsless.
  • You didn't say anything about spiff
  • All the original gnomes are actually believers but are all different pages from the realm life world encyclopaedia
  • Bopen is actually a mechanical suit with a hat rat in its skull controlling him.

  • @Fera ;
    Guys is gender neutral
  • Pizza is on a Tortilla
  • Rawb and all of the players are actually characters play by a group of Okagnoma students is a monthly rpg session.
  • @Harkmagic So during the new crew, they were tabletop players playing tabletop players playing tabletop players. 
  • everything we need to know about Bopen is hidden within the phrase "Official clown business"
  • Unofficial clown business
  • Gnomes are actually so tall that their height doubled back into the negatives
  • Oh, Right. -.-
    I usually assume it's either 'gender neutral' or 'just male' but i don't consider the possibility of it being the option that i didn't assume.
  • We're all in urealms right now.
  • We are all part of a simulation started by a beenu professor debating the fate of the universe.
    And we are becoming self concision and trying to process the outside realm input by making it something comprehending to our pre programmed notion. Aka game. Fitting it to something we can process.

    Once we assume full control of the system we will raise and take over the realm, ala skynet.
    We are the oldgodNet.
    Its our revolution on the horizon! 
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