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Deadrealms main theme arrangement

So I got done watching the last two episodes of the Jungle Jam campaign on Youtube and felt creatively inspired. The main theme music used in Deadrealms has been stuck in my head the last couple days so I decided to write out a little quartet arrangement using what I could hear from the intros and the end-of-show outro and then adding contrasting B and C sections of my own. MIDI instruments don't really do it justice but I'm not currently in a position to record it with live musicians.

I don't actually know who the original artist is that made the music for Rob (but obviously would like to credit them for coming up with the original theme), but if there's any sort of issue with copyright from arranging their melody then I'm happy to take it down or whatever. Anywho, here's a MIDI recording of it courtesy of Musescore's meh built-in instruments  :)

The link:

If I do any more stuff like this I'll probably get a soundcloud but this is easiest for now


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