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Forum RP Recaps and Recruitment

Hello, all other parts of the Urealm Forums,  this thread will explain what happens in the Forum Roleplay Games. It will also recap current threads that are going on, and hopefully convince more people to join this part of the forums by showing you some games that are going one right now. With that out of the way, let start this recap.

We will start out with @Phendrix , upcoming RP
Guild of Explorers Rp
"A small casual rp where you could bring characters you made using the character creator, and then roleplay with characters made by others"

With @Gushy48 many more ongoing RPs
Unlike most other RPs here, my RPs have their own lore. It diverges from Urealms's canon completely and it's their own thing. It's understandable if you're afraid of new things so I'll help you through it.

Dusk of Stars: This is the third part of an incredibly long RP. The gist of this RP is a world (Called Astral) is going around to other worlds and helping them. You will find that there's a lot of references to different mythos as well. There's a longer recap in the thread itself. 

Plain Old RP: Well, this is for people who want to RP with old characters from older RPs. Nothing important here.
Next up is the @Pufflemore , with his RPs
For my, I usually just set a setting and or a goal the players have to fulfill and make most of it up on the fly. And mostly I let you make any character you like unless you meta game or it will not make sense in the setting (I.E and bone dancer working for the paladin order)

School of Heirs and Heiress: Basically an rp where we take our old characters and make them kids and set them in a school setting with twists and turns and romanced! With some wired races and one hidden one, i am keeping up my sleeve. 
With good old @Simona , RP up next

Be the very best like no one ever was 
A pokemon-esk U realms roleplay. 

In the realm before the birth of magic, a town of elves was bored and asked Phanto to do something about it. Their sun god hummed and made them a game filled with beasts to catch train breed and compete. Phanto even changed the region around the town to be more diverse and to hold more secrets for the Tamers to fight off boredom.

And so it began.

Countless Tamers set out on their journey having fun and collecting the beasts in the pocket balls. Today an event is starting, one that not only focus on strength of one's beast but also on the beauty in all the way the word could mean. The ribbon contest brings all Tamers to a special test to compete against each other in creating the most impressive show.

Just like one day the battle of the bards will do. So wander in watch and play the game your sun god made for your enjoyment!~
And for the last recap, I will be sharing my upcoming RP. 
Okay, I was making one call House of Horrors, BUT with school and shit, I will not be on that much. So I will be making one RP called. As i will wait for school to end
Unforgotten World: WW addition ( The ww is for WritingWyvern )
Which is based on other people game like @Dalard , and @Rocksmasha , you will play a ruler of a nation and trying to rise to the top with other players nations around you as well. war, political intrigue, tech research and more will be in this rp game.
With all of that out of the way, all brave souls who wish to enter the Roleplay Forums, know that each GM will welcome you with open arms and we hope you will all stay and have a blast.


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    Other recaps from other members
     @Kingedyou , has his recap down
    Battle For Scorupi!
    This RP runs off its own original lore and universe. Basically, the players are set in a kingdom that recently sprouted up in a war-torn continent. Each player has a different role to play in this society and the goal is to expand the kingdom and become more powerful as well as simply interacting with other characters and the world itself.

    and @Murlin22 , has one as well. idk either

    My recap “I make random threads that don’t always take off, most of them are completely independent stories but there’s an underlying theme of you are not special, you're a small part of a big world”
  • Also @Rein , short but no one else has made one recently so here is another recap
     HI I'm Rein and I'm potentially making a Starbound like roleplay thread, open to ideas, still in the card making phase
  • This may seem like a lot for new people, but I promise people will help keep you up to speed as much as you need to be and be very patient!
  • Mhm. I'm here if you need help
  • I'm also here to help out and catch you up
  • Im just a shitposter
  • Are you still looking for people to participate? Depending on my schedule I can participate 
  • @Jericho
    We're always looking for new people, just apply for any RP you want to join and someone will help ;3
  • @h00ney_b00ney16 how do I apply and how does the role play happen. Is it on here or through discord?
  • @Jericho
    It's on here, just head on over to this link and check out any open RP you think you'd like. Some threads are always open, and some have player limits (like actual campaigns). On the front page of each thread, there's usually a part or spoiler that says "Application" where you can click on it to apply. Feel free to ask about any questions or anything you might need, I'll do my best to answer :smile: 
  • @Jericho
    We also have a discord if you'd like to join and chat with us any time, it's mainly just a pretty chill place to hang out and talk. Here's the link -
  • Bump as with the week of streaming finalle more people are going to come around XD And new members interesting in the forum rp games  are always welcome! 
    Finale show hype! 
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