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Starbound esq Roleplay (Part 1) [currently in hype phase and testing Interest Mode] {ooc}

edited August 2018 in Forum Roleplay Games
Hey guys
I know that most of you may have forgotten about what I said a year ago, about making a space exploration thread
Except for you Toruk sorry to keep you waiting
This is just a temp top text thing to see whos interested and give me time to write out some story stuff

so yea, go ahead and say if you are interested in this or not while I do that shiz


  • I'm interested
    I was interested a year ago ,but still interested
  • Yes. Only if i can play a novakid tho
  • I want to be a Novakid too, or maybe a Floran :P
  • Well then Imma need some help thinking of how to implement the races into Urealms cards
    Give your suggestions
  • Well, how's the thread going to be in the first place?
  • Well the first part of the thread will be a school Phase learning about certain things, and about the universe
    Second part will be the School being attacked and everyone escaping
    third part will be Surviving and exploring
  • @Rein
    The school as in the tutorial place you start in right? I forget what it's called. But for the race effects, we kinda need to figure out more mechanics of the thread to base those around I think
  • Yea the school will be a short tutorial for what the threat will really be about
    Im gonna try and follow the same storyline
    with old lady
    fight boss
    fight boss
    do quests 
    fight boss
    fight boss
  • @Rein ;
    I agree with what H00ney has said was we need more of an idea of how this will work out, but if without context of how the mechanics will work this is what I would suggest.

    Apex- Since there a more military race I think having something related like getting a better weapon or like making them not miss there basic attacks on low rolls

    Avian- avians are more of trade so I can see them as the race that generally get's alot more money in the beginning and like one random item.

    Florian-this one's a bit hard but I fell like they should have a boast in stamina or maybe staring out with an extra anytime.

    Glitch-Since them being the tech people I think them getting the treasure items like gnomes is probably best for them.

    Human- there just jacks of all trades so they should probably have stander health and gold and having one random item,amour,weapon.

    Hylotl- another hard one but maybe something like increase basic attack damage and being able to breath underwater

    Novakid-probably something like choosing two magic ability's from any class you chose, or just the elf race passive.
  • @Loreteck
    Novakids aren't really magic users, that's what the Glitch are.
  • @Loreteck ; Novakids are more about them guns and being all western
  • Id say it will probably work like a text based adventure game, ill give you guys choices, you can decide what to do and we go from there
    the end game will be preparing for bosses and Killing that tentacle thing
    Ill try and work out the mechanics more durring the school Phase
  • @Rein
    So maybe the racial passives shouldn't be URealms based if it's going to be like a text based game?
  • Ooooh? Co-operative text adventure? Now that sounds fun
  • yeah it does :P
  • I mean if it's text doesn't need to conform to rule set of urealms really, so you don't have technically have any racial bonus at all.
  • yeah, but then there's no difference between the races which is lame and boring.
  • yea i was thinking making it a bit more free form, like hey, I wanna do this kind of attack in this way
    then i can decide damage from there 
  • *Just stares at the thread from the background*
  • Get yer butt in here Toruk, you were the one so interested in this, why dont you share some ideas some concepts or whatever you want
  • @Rein Because I am bad with ideas
  • OwO
    I don't remember but I'm sure as hell interested
  • Ideas? Uhh

    What if this thread took place... In S P A C E
  • @Phendrix
    100000000 IQ right there
  • Alright so Im probably going to make Race cards and they will give like little bonuses like, hey Novakids can do a bit more damage with guns
    or hey Glitch can figure out technology better
    Avians can slow fall
    Humans are good at constructing
    Apex are better at melee combat
    Florians are better at hunting and foraging
    Hylotl can breath underwater and talk to fish
    stuff like that
  • What if it was set in a sci-fi universe? Hmmmm
  • bumping this
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