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Idea for Forums

I had an idea that could be implemented if nisovin and the team had the time. After hopping on the LOM server i had nothing to spend my money on so i ran over to the card shop and blew the rest of my money on card packs. So that is actually my idea, collectible cards on the forums that you can buy for gold. It would take a little bit of time to implement but it would give people something to spend their extra forum gold. Maybe on their profiles you could have a section for the cards they gain. Just a random idea that could be implemented. 


  • As much as I would LOVE neat little things to spend gold on, (and I really would) Rob has stated multiple times he will never make it useful for anything more than avatars. I'm not sure why, but you gotta respect his decision.
  • @Cloud Because it's just a forum currency and I have no plans to do anything else with it? I said it would have no other use so that people wouldn't horde and expect a use for it in the future.
  • Any chance you have stats on how much gold people have rawb? I have to imagine the majority of people are hoarding gold anyway, 
  • @ThePhatSass Well, we do have a reason. He did say he was eventually gonna release 100k gold avatars of gods or whatnot.
  • * Hordes gold and expects a use for it in the future *
  • @Rob I agree with that decision although if you decided someday you did want a use for it, an easy solution would be to just allow people to refund avatars for a short period of time. Obviously that has some problems itself, but there are a few ways you could go about it if you REALLY wanted to give gold another use. That being said, I think its much better to just be used for avatars and nothing else.
  • I wish we could give gold for other users' post like an award system for good and helpful content.
    Before anyone says it would be to reddit-esque, your gold amount is not displayed on your public profile so it wouldn't cause much drama. 
  • Avatars already work somewhat similarly to how cards worked. And you can try to collect all the avatars if you want. And we are eventually going to get legendary avatars that will be worth more. So we will have more use for gold in the future.
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    clearly what we need is a farmville-esq game where you can spend forum gold to make some meaningless numbers go up.

    there is little to no gameplay or value, you just spend fictional money to make a fictional score go up. that's it.

    edit; Bonus points if at any time you can turn that score into gold just so you can cycle through it all over again. helps prevent people from whining that their gold is all gone when a new avatar comes out :P

    the entirety of this post is a joke for the record.
  • Can we have a kissing booth for urealms characters
  • I mean I'm hoarding gold because once upon a time it was said that when the dragon aspects finally get avatars they'd be like 100000 gold or something. So I'm saving up to have Quintara be my avatar.
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