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New Avatars

Just wondering will there be new avatars after this campaign? Like how els am I going to spend my 25k gold now?


  • Every campaign adds the 4 player characters as avatars. They are given immediately as rewards to anyone that donated to the campaign. Otherwise Rob has previously stated they will all be made available for purchase at the end of the season. He also at that time mentioned adding avatars of Divines and Dragons which would cost 100k iirc.
  • There is the ultimate suffering avatar which people will get after the season finale and people who donated should be getting the avatars of the player characters this week(which haven't been drawn yet).
  • ok thanks
  • @blockington99 Didn't know about the Divine and Dragon Avatars. I'm happy with just my Black Boar Avatar and haven't purchased anything else. So, it is nice to have something to look forward to that I might want to spend my growing mountain of gold on.
  • @blockington99 dragon and divine avatars would be cool but I don't remember this been mentioned,  did I miss something?
  • @ItsjustAvy it was stated by rawb in a thread a while back
  • must have missed it :/
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