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When was bonevision invented? (Spoilers for "A Night to Remember")

Hi Rob! I really enjoyed how Perdia's story ended, but I was wondering how she could work both sides with bonevision being around. I don't recall if anyone was credited with inventing bonevision, but it makes a whole lot of sense for the Feather of the Realm to do so. Especially since Deadbones went all in with the production of anti-ageless weapons after her mom was killed (Act 2).
Bonevision is a relatively recent invention, right? At the start of the final act, you said the campaign had more or less caught up to the main timeline. So... wouldn't it be neat if Pedia invented it after this campaign and also made a secret exploit that made herself immune to it?

You said her ending was improvised and I believe you folks have an internal timeline, so I was wondering if you had an answer. :P
I am super excited for her future potential, cheers.


  • The inventor of the spell I believe is Jennathorn Barringster, but I can't remember where that lore comes from.
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