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Twitch Vods?

Are the twitch Vods no longer going to be up after each campaign? I.e. for the next day? I know they used to be, was this changed for a reason?


  • @wishy33
    They are up. Its on
  • @Phendrix aaaah, thanks. I was looking on the urealms channel, not rurikar22.
  • edited July 2018
    It's up but the show was streamed on the Rurikar22 twitch instead of the URealms twitch to promote robs active streaming account.

    If you are a fan of his old pkmRob channel he has a new nuzlock run in his vods. I don't know if he will upload them to his youtube and vods are temporary, so if you like those might you not have a lot of time left to watch them.
  • @Konpaatre

    I think he put them up as unlisted videos on a playlist? If not yet probably by next week when he does his FYI video I'm assuming.
  • @Phendrix Oh, Rawb keeps the VODs up? Huh. For some reason, I could've sworn he took them down immediately, which I assumed was just so that you had to watch it on his channel if you missed the live show.
  • @CaesarBarringster
    Yeah. I believe they always stayed up this season

    Other than campaign one, The Grand Paladin Order, but rawb posted a link to the full youtube vod on twitter
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