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Scourge of the Elderbloom

edited July 2018 in Campaigns

Scourge of Elderbloom

Campaign Info
Encounters: 4
Difficulty: Easy | Medium | High
The Map: Woodcarvers

Meta Info

   This is a short linear campaign designed to be friendly towards new players. You may want to change up the last encounter to something easier if your party doesn't know the game very well because it can be extremely difficult. Also underneath each picture of the map there is a little script for you to paint a picture of their surroundings to the players.

Character Creation Set Up
Races: All
Classes: Shaman, Theurgist, Petalwalker, Monk, Ranger and Lumberjack.

  You and your fellow party members are druids, monks and shamans that are living in the small village of Elderbloom. The Elderbloom is a massive tree that you have built a village around, people usually come here to find peace within themselves and if they like it then they stay. The party’s task inside Elderbloom is to make sure everything is peaceful in the Elderbloom Forest, so that ranges from dealing with Lumberjacks to forest fires. As of late the trees to the east of your village have begun to lose their color which is alarming because it is mid spring, your party has been tasked to investigate this.

Misc Information
  In the village of Elderbloom there is the Elderbloom Tree a bit north of where the village is on the map, the Elderbloom itself is a massive 50 ft oak tree that appears to have some connection with Rokesh. The buildings of Elderbloom are made out of dead trees that have been enhanced to look pretty and to never rot. Everybody in the village lives in these kinds of buildings and each tree has multiple rooms for multiple people, as well the furniture inside of them is much more basic than what is actually on the map. The stonewall to the South was made using Runemaster / Mark of Walling. There is a small pond in the center of down with some bushes that are 2.5 feet tall and there are some benches made out of dead wood.

  Elderbloom doesn’t really have an economy, for essentials like food the people who get food give it to the chef at the Elderbloom and then the Chef gives out food to whoever needs it. The residents do trade things like fur, flowers and other goods amongst themselves though.

Encounter 1

  “It’s a sunny afternoon in Elderbloom, as of late the trees to the east have been losing their color which is odd because it is mid spring. You guys are currently inside your homes and are supposed to meet up with each other at the small pond in the center of town.” *segway to character introductions*

  This first encounter should be over quickly as there isn’t much to do and the npcs don’t have anything interesting going on with them. The players start out in bedrooms in the houses on the left hand side of the map that way they get funneled to each other and they can start roleplaying as soon as possible. When you feel like this encounter has gone on for long enough then railroad them towards the pond in the center of town so they can meet up and go on their journey together.


  The NPCs for this first encounter are pretty bland and are just there to make Elderbloom not feel like a ghost town. The rest of the population is either at the Elderbloom or busy doing day to day tasks. The NPCs would be open to joining the party if the party does well on convincing them.


  Dane is a Companion / Kobold Monk who is a very upbeat and happy guy. He runs the daycare up at the Elderbloom and was picking berries outside of the village walls when he was attacked by Blood Snakes. If the party talks to him make sure to warn them about the Blood Snakes up ahead!


  Bolvar is a Companion / Dwarven Warrior who uses an unarmed wrestling fighting style. He is an artistic Dwarven architect who builds the structures in Elderbloom. His current project is building Kriyna’s home, however he is open to doing commissions.  


  Kriyna is a Companion / Dwarven Witch is a gardener in Elderbloom. She is greedy and trades the plants she doesn’t have to give to the Elderbloom Chef for things that are much more valuable than her food.


  Telee is a Companion / Gnomish Sorcerer that tends to the tamed animals of Elderbloom. She is narcoleptic and usually falls asleep while tending to the animals in the morning. She is a shy girl that gets self conscious whenever somebody wakes her up from an unexpected nap. She got her narcoleptic after the funk inside the pet pen sprayed her.

Encounter 2) A

  “As you guys leave the village walls you see a couple of bushes with blood at the base of them and you hear hissing. What do you guys want to do?”

  This encounter is split up into two parts, the first being combat and the second being some roleplay with some Goblins in a nearby cave who were trapped inside because they are afraid of the Blood Cobra. The first part of this encounter is also split up into two parts, Blood Snakes darting in and out of bushing while attacking players to soften them up for the Blood Cobra up ahead.

Blood Snakes x7 (One for each bush)

  There are two types of Blood Snakes in this encounter, ones with hit points that are slippery and will dart in and out of bushes and the trees and Blood Snake Minions that will just behave like a normal minion. For the bush part have the Blood Snakes use Bite then with their move have them move back into a bush so the players can’t hit them and for the Blood Cobra part have them come out using the Blood Cobra’s anytimes to bite the player’s ankles or legs so they can’t sprint up to the Blood Cobra.

Stamina: 20 (Do it in your head, color the tile if you have trouble multitasking)

Anytime Pool: 5 (Use to slither out of attacks)

Deathroll: N/A (Dies when reduced to 0 Stamina)

Abilities / Passives:

Basic Attack: 15 Damage Bite (Shouldn’t use over your Bite Ability)

Companion Ability / Bite (General Goto Action)

Companion Passive / Brood Horde (Use a smaller version of the Blood Snake tile)

Blood Cobra

  When the players pass the gauntlet of Blood Snakes they will enter a pathway with blood drenched into the grass and a Blood Cobra at the end of it that will spam the party with ranged Abilities. Although the Blood Cobra seems scary in character this monster isn’t too scary unless if the party has very low from the Blood Snakes or just low health pools to begin with.

Stamina: 350

Anytimes: 5 (Use Air Spirits if the party sprints at you or do some kind of block/dodge)

Deathroll: N/A (Dies when reduced to 0 Stamina)

Large Tile

Abilities / Passives:

Basic Attack: 30 Damage Bite (Shouldn’t use over Blood Sting)

Companion Ability / Blood Sting (General Goto Melee Action, deals 30 and Poisons)

Companion Ability / Blood Bolt (General Goto Ranged Action, deals 10 and Poisons)

Fleshweaver / Blood Bend (General Goto Medium Ranged Action, doesn’t drain Stamina because of Companion Passive / Lifeblood)

Theurgist / Summon Air Spirits (Summons 4 Blood Snake Minions out of the forests, you may use this at the start of the round as a No-Roll Bonus Action)

Companion Passive / Lifeblood (Don’t forget this, this makes the Blood Cobra very tanky)

Encounter 2) B

  “You guys enter a clearing with a two bushes and a tree stump. Unlike the bushes from earlier you hear no hissing and in the distance you see a Goblin peeking his head out of a cave and he is looking at you guys. What do you want to do?”

  This part of the second encounter is a roleplay encounter unless if the party decides to kill the Goblins which wouldn’t really be in character because they are druids. These Goblins were traveling in the woods when it suddenly started raining so they took refuge in this cave, little did they know there was a Blood Cobra and some snakes in here but they managed to kill it however they suffered heavy casualties and are in no condition to fight so when a scout saw another Blood Cobra approaching it’s cave they panicked. They are now very grateful and thankful of the players killing the Blood Cobra as they’re no longer in danger, these Goblins will give the players a reward as well. Each player gets a Legendary Roll and 2 Treasure Items.

  In addition to the loot a Goblin child named Nasck who was orphaned recently will want to join the players as he thinks that they’re great adventurers. Have every Player roll and whoever gets the highest is who Nasck looks up to the most and Nasck will become that Player’s Companion. Nasck doesn’t take up inventory space, only has around 20 Stamina and doesn’t know any Spells. He is all around a burden on the party however after every Encounter(including this one) he gives whoever he looks up to a Legendary Roll.

Encounter 3

  “Up ahead you see a lake with some Catapult Turtles and Crocodiles swimming around. You also see that the bridge of dead trees frozen together using Ice Magic has melted. The trees surrounding you guys and the lake look a bit pale. What do you guys want to do?”

  This next encounter the players’ goal is to get across the lake however the bridge has been destroyed so they have to either swim or use the Catapult Turtles’ shells to spring themselves across. There are also Crunchodiles in the lake that will swim up to anybody in the water and use Companion Ability / Swallow. The players can also just try to swim the distance between the logs but if they do use some anytimes to have the Crunchodiles attempt to Swallow them. If a player tries to swim they can move 3 spaces with their move action and can sprint for 6. If a player tries to swim they can move 3 spaces with their move action and can sprint for 6. Movement Abilities like Sorcerer / Blink or Puppeteer / Lascene make this encounter obsolete

  Place the Turtles out within 3ish spaces of each other but also in a sporadic. A player can spring themself off a turtle by rolling to hop onto it, they need at least a 8 starting off but each time they bounce to another turtle they have to roll at least 2 higher than their previous roll. If a player falls off into the water and tries to get on they will be bounced 3 spaces in the direction they climbed onto the turtle from.

Crunchodile x5

Stamina: 50ish (Do it in your head, color or shrink the tile if you have trouble multitasking)

Anytime Pool: 7 (Use to swim away from attacks or force Deathrolls with Swallow)

Deathroll: 10 (Will flee after 1st Deathroll)

Abilities / Passives:

Basic Attack: 15 Damage Bite (Shouldn’t use over Crunch)

Companion Ability / Crunch (Shouldn’t use over Swallow)

Companion Ability / Swallow (General Goto Action)

Companion Passive / Regenerative Cells

Catapult Turtle

  The Catapult Turtles are passive and won’t attack the players unless if the players go out of their way to harm a turtle.

Stamina: 60ish (Do it in your head, color or shrink the tile if you have trouble multitasking)

Anytime Pool: 5 (Use to block with your shell)

Deathroll: 10 (Will flee after 1st Deathroll)

Abilities / Passives:

Basic Attack: 10 Damage Bite (Shouldn’t use over Snap)

Companion Ability / Snap (General Goto Action)

Companion Passive / Catapult Shell

Encounter 4

  “As you guys get onto shore you see a massive 20 ft tall Slime and you smell an odor so bad and sharp that you pinch your nose. As well there are 2 medium looking slimes around the massive Slime. The trees around you guys are completely drained of their color and the grass is a grayish green. Combat has started.”

  This is the final combat in this campaign and it’s difficulty depends on the players’ skills, if the party has spammable healing abilities then this final boss will be extremely difficult. Because the difficulty on this final encounter can range wildly from party to party this is a very good chance the players can flat out not beat it with raw damage and will have to use either Dangerous Terrain or something else. Limited Abilities can only be used one per tier of Slime!

Massive Slime

  The Massive Slime is the boss of the campaign and he spawns Medium Slimes that deal damage and learn player skills which they can then return into the Massive Slime who can then spawn Medium Slimes who will know this Player Skill. The Massive Slime has Companion Passive / Fungal Odor incase the party tries to burst him down and his goto action drains a lot of health so I wouldn’t suggest you remove Fungal Odor. Also on a side note the Massive Slime is extremely weak to the Lumberjack / Earthquake and Lumberjack / Eruption combo.

Stamina: 500

Anytimes: 5 (Use Player Skills to interrupt attacks against you)

Deathroll: N/A (Dies when lowered to 0 Stamina)

Massive Tile (5x5)

Actions: 2

Abilities / Passives:

Basic Attack: N/A (Can’t Move)

Custom Ability / Summon Slime (General Goto Action when Healthy, spawns them in adjacent spaces.)

Companion Passive / Fungal Odor

Medium Slime

  The Medium Slimes are the immediate threat in this combat, they will start out using Slime Tackle to learn player skills and then kill themselves to deposit that skill into the Massive Slime. If you get a good spammable heal have some of the Slimes hide behind the Massive Slime and spend their turns to heal the Massive Slime. You should be aggressive with your Anytimes to learn good Player Skills and getting them back to the Massive Slime. I also suggest you track each Medium’s stamina individually in their Tile descriptions.

Stamina: 80ish (Do it in your head, color or shrink the tile if you have trouble multitasking)

Anytime Pool: 5 (Use Slime Tackle or Player Skills to interrupt attacks against you)

Large Tile

Deathroll: N/A (Dies when lowered to 0 Stamina)

Abilities / Passives:

Basic Attack: 20 Damage Tackle (Don’t use over Slime Tackle)

Custom Ability / Slime Tackle (General Goto Action unless if you learn something like Fireball)

Custom Passive / Evolution

Small Slime

  Whenever a Medium Slime dies it becomes 4 Small Slimes. The Small Slimes are Minions that can either attack like a normal minion, kill itself to make some Walled or Dangerous Terrain or if you’re feeling mean you can Reform them together into a Medium Slime again.

Stamina: 5

Anytime Pool: 3 (Should use to run away or heal the Massive Slime)

Deathroll: N/A (Dies when lowered to 0 Stamina)

Abilities / Passives:

Basic Attack: 5 Damage Tackle (Shouldn’t use over Abilities)

Custom Ability / Reform (Use if the players aren’t going to attack your group.

Custom Ability / Melt (Use if you think it would be fun)

Custom Ability / Harden (Use if you think it would be fun)

   Thank you to Meganzoor for making this map. Thank you to Rob for releasing this map. Thank you to @Emperor ; and @munkiking from Sixelona's Discord for ideas for the mechanic of the Slime Boss!

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!
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