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  • the villain is a villain because...….. um...…………. he is a...…………. villain?
  • the villain is the true creator of the gnome race who were an accident when trying to magic a tree away while high on exxp
  • The villian has had a gift granted to them directly by the old gods
  • The villain's gift from the old gods he sometimes sees as a curse more than a gift.
  • The villain has the emo attribute 
  • @mlglevimonaghan
    Sadly, Villain Von Badguy III's attribute has already been decided and is Cornertstone.
  • The villian's cousin Goody McTwoshoes often steals the villain's elven pasta bread
  • Mr Badguy has a seething jealously of his cousin, Good McTwoshoes, because despite his name, McTwoshoes is an even greater villain than he is.
  • Though the villian's cousin Goody mc Twoshoes is annoying, villian has an embarrassing and unexplainable crush on Goody mc Twoshoes.
  • edited July 2018
    Villain just thinks Goody Mc Twoshoes is his cousin

    But Goody Mc Twoshoes is actually his child from an alternate reality
  • What Villain also doesn't realise is that he is his child from messing with Time Travel too much, ending up going back and causing his own birth at a time where he was experimenting with travelling backwards in time.
  • Villain is actually the child of The Divine of Time, and is A lot stronger than .Goody McTwoshoes, but villain doesnt know this fact yet, so his powers have not yet been revealed to himself. Other than tine travelling to the future of course
  • The villain has blue eyes

  • The villain believes kobolds have knots

    ALL kobolds have knots
  • The villain has pet cats which he thinks are dragons. He hates his pet cats
  • The villain wears a fancy coat everywhere he goes
  • villain can only enact his evil schemes after telling someone(who will then go on to stop said plan) in the form of a song that explains exactly what he plans to do.
  • The villain obtained his fancy coat from goody mctwoshoes less talented brother, better mctwoshoes, through a trade. what Villain traded away is unknown.
  • every time he comes home he cast polymorph on one of his dragons(cats) hoping it turns into a animal he actually likes.

  • Speaking of polymorph, the villain incredibly loves his body, and if he is ever transformed or put into another body in any way he will hate it deeply.
  • Oh my god this is insanity and I love it.
    I'm sadly going to have to veto @Megabozoman and not have Villain Von Badguy III singing constantly, writing those lyrics will be super annoying.
  • The villain has several circus related hobbies like unicycling and juggling, and likes to show them off (badly) as often as possible.
  • edited July 2018
    The villain once had a job as a circus performer. Where he met his evil henchman Clowny mc Noseface
  • The villain is actually a believer who is possessing the mass produced book "A dummy's guide to being quite significantly not very nice and or good". It's a poorly written guidebook made in the style of a choose your own adventure story, which unfortunately leaves our villain with a whole bunch of conflicting events from his past. The only thing that ever stays consistent is that he believes that he committed the "Purge" from Coe's Quest (not the campaign) because that was the intro chapter.

    Also when he's defeated he does completely die every time. But since the book is so popular it's not hard at all to find a new one and make a new believer.
  • The villain has a goblin minion that does his nails.
  • Villain Von Badguy III wants to rid the world of Believers.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ the villain cant go back in time it was stated in a previous comment 
  • @sargentgrevious
    Sadly I'm going to have to say no to the believer thing, since it doesn't quite fit the work.
    Though I am going to make that a book.
  • The villains book is a best seller in the villain community. But is also banned by law in 17 different countries
  • the villain is part kobold
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