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DnD a ESport?

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  • that's a crazy idea
  • TSM immediately sign Roamin for his min maxing skills
  • D'n'D as an E-Sport would be annoying; many campaigns go on for hours, even days. You'd have to have a very short, very intense campaign, with a master orator as a GM, for D'n'D to work as an E-Sport. Either that, or a Video Game version of it.
  • @friskyBrisky thats why its funny, it makes no sience, also its not even electronic
  • E-Sport makes little sense since you cannot really competative in that way within the party or towards other parties.
    But it would be cool with some D&D streams with an E-Sport budget. artists on the side drawing on the spot, GM and players with high quality sound devices.
  • @JackOfTheFlames well the closest we got to that is critical role. But URealms is also semi profesional so maybe throw that in to
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