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Campaign Thread: A Night To Remember



  • @Qazerquoi well it seems like donations always go to the "bad" ageless side anyways, not that I can really complain since I can't donate. Felt bad to me when it got sniped this time though.
  • @Shane I've noticed that too with the donations.
  • @Shane personally I’m always rooting for the living, but this time I wanted Landrin to become a wraith because that I thought it would make the better story than Douglas coming out of nowhere.
  • @Loveland Yeah this is my opinion too, I am always on the side of the living even if they are morally wrong but this time I liked the idea of the wraith because of the story and to balance the combat.
  • @Mega_muncher right. If they hadn’t gotten the wraith, the ageless would probably have been taken care of easily.
  • Pretty sad about who died at the end. I really liked that character, wanted to see some drama with their relatives.
  • edited August 2018
    so we are getting closer. in the last campaign we got some potential interesting tidbits of information as it seems like the sins and Sallazhar are clearly connected as he "kidnapped" Janah Barringster when she received the fate worse than death, so what do you guys thing Janah Barringster fate might be? i think its connected to our god that we will create after the season finally in some way. 
  • Yeah I have a feeling judging by the preview video of the campaign too that the fate worse than death will involve us old gods in some way, whether that's it being our choice or fueling our god in some way.
  • My gold is is on new god needing a "Base form" to inhabit, not being able to make a body out of nothing. So the fate worse then death is going to be Janah Barringster being forcibly mutated alive and her mind being warped and erased into whatever it is the old gods decide to create.
  • @TamTroll ;
    itd be funny if we just made the god look exactly the same as janah 
  • Character art is done, look at the watch page.
  • When's the next campaign?
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 September 29... is a Saturday, right?
    And it's the last Saturday of the month as always, the perfect time for any URealms campaign. Hope you got that day free, buddy.
  • Was there not one this month? @knguy
  • Nevermind. Just saw the twitter post
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