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Campaign Thread: A Night To Remember



  • need to throw money at the show ahhhh 
  • Sallazhar's coin probably landed on heads. 
  • I Hope the sin happens in this campaign 
  • Am I the only one disappointed by the fact that Maelstrom did not EAT the coin? He ate the gold coin McCoy tossed him in the New Crew.
  • @TheWizard WAAAIIIIT A MINUTE!!!!!!! Maelstrom did eat a coin didn't he. Ghostblade also did that and both of them possess sins of the unforgotten.
    We should try convince others with sins to each a gold coin. :angrybold: 
  • What if the Divine Decision this week is we get to pick... What "The Fate Worse than Death" actually is... 
  • @Phendrix That'd kid of feel cheap. I'd much rather Rob decide that in-lore because it would be a lot more dramatic if the audience does not know what will happen if "The Fate" occurs on a character.
  • @WayofTime
    Oh wait, if I remember right, the dd this week is what sallazhar would do

    So yeah, i guess its not a fate worse than death decision
  • very hyped for this campaign, Roamin’s character seems chaotic so that will be fun and there’s a lot of fluidity to how everyone can go 
  • What if the antagonist in this campaign... Is Phineas Barringster, Master Cabalist!

    And the reason he would greatly benefit, is because he would have known Quineas Barringster, and could easily convince him
  • My guess is Spiff will be a secret guest player and will be playing as Justin's love interest.
  • Why do you think that? @Harkmagic
  • Anybody know what the donation means when it says "a very special on the forum?"
  • Rawb told Justin that his character would have a love interest that they would secretly discuss later. Also I don't believe for a second  that "This is my kind of fun," playing at the end of character creation was an accident. I put the details together and that is what I came up with.

    That and I love taking small details and producing crazy theories.

    What I can't figure out is if they will be sticking with the genderbend thing and Spiff playing a Male character, or they're going to draw on the sailor moon theme the donations clearly show and have Spiff play a female character.
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 ;
    a very special avatar

    As Rawb loves to say, No Tricks - anything is a possibility. Perhaps it would be a bet in that old betting thread if that was still going on. Having rarely ever brought a fifth player on for even roleplay (because it complicates the puppet system a little), though, I have my doubts, but it's possible something could happen here.
  • I wonder if the old gods that are selected for the choose a legend one get put in the order of chaos?
  • So are we finally getting the next step of the sins. Nice.

    Also, Sallazhar's game does say "all Old Gods" right? Not misreading "all Old Gods who donated"?
  • @AwesomeName7 See the italicized text under the mystery avatar. All Old Gods get to guess to get the avatar and 25,000 gold, Old Gods who donate to that event are guaranteed to get the avatar but still only get the gold if they guess correctly.
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    I just realised, is Salazar actually a human with fake ears because if so he's the only human in the realm
  • He changes bodies when he changes realms @Razer
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    Where exactly can I look at the donations?

    EDIT: Never mind found it
  • I think the DD is going to be about if the elves should team up with the dwarfs to fight the ageless. its an important desision, and above the donations you can read that this desision is going to be made soon. But it migt as well be something we didn't see coming.
  • @brandon
    Pretty sure its what sallazhar would do. Because, why would sallazhar and Maelstrom be important in the Campaign preview
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    @Phendrix hmm that's also an interesting theory! 
  • Rip me, 75 exp away from level 20 on the day of the show. So close to getting that extra vote.
  • @Hamste
    May the odds be ever in your favor, my friend.

    Speaking of Divine Decisions, who knows what this one could be? I think we've all stopped guessing at this point because it's often something we never expect, or something that doesn't come up until later in the campaign.
  • I'm going to keep guessing that the Divine Decision will be "Is elven pasta bread a sandwich?" until it happens. With Dead Realms it's much more likely to come up now.
  • Please stop I decided to show my twin sister this show today and i have no idea how to explain this at all
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