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Campaign Story Time

Yoooooo. My dudes, dudes, and other dudes. (Special shouout to my dudes.) Just finished up a Urealms campaign and damn, just damn. This is a storytime post, so if you don't care about storytime go ahead and skip.

The rest of this spoils that campaign, just know crazy shit went down* Campaign was Unexpected Discovery Redux * and I was playing as a Paladin named Bob Brown who pulled Boring as his attribute. This got rid of my cornerstone so I figured, how do I make a Boring character interesting? Make him feel nothing. Ever. He can't feel, can't understand emotion. We get to the entrance of the dungeon and while the rest of my party was talking to the dwarven Paladins, I background character walked my way to Lillian Dupree and got her to join up with us if we had to fight the Paladins. We managed to talk our way past and got into the dungeon proper. I have already forgotten why I had to roll for this, but I rolled to see if I had sex before and got a Nat 20. For the roll, the GM let me change my Attribute to Well Endowed and gave me a random cornerstone (which didn't matter.)

What really mattered was my guy suddenly found himself feeling for the first time in his life and the only new thing to enter his life was Lillian. This had him fall hard for her, basically seeing her as his way to feel. She showed interest while the GM played her, but after a PC was killed (I may have Purified the shit out of him when he stole Lillian's clothing) he took over and started pushing my boy away. I roleplayed it as her becoming more and more cold the further we got in the dungeon, with it all coming to a head after we crossed the bridge over the gap where the Beenu War Machine was in the real campaign. Bob wanted to set up camp and rest before they went to investigate what was behind the wall where the Whelpling was (didn't know that in character) while she wanted to push on. She eventually got out voted and the party went to sleep. She got up in the middle of the night and stuck through the passage. Our puppeteer went to check on her in the night and found her gone. The player controlling her relinquished control  of her to the GM at that point. She roused the party and we went in after her. We found Lillian standing in front of the Whelpling getting ready to cast a spell. I burned my Divine Favor right as she cast for Counterspell and got a 19. This delayed her Rebirth spell for a single turn. I burned all my actions to get up to her, knock her out with Lay On Hands and we booked it the fuck out of there.

The final scene had Bob interrogating Lillian far away from the ruins with his Porc friend waiting outside, trying to find out what she was doing and why she was doing it. She revealed that she was an Ageless. An unliving being,  one that had tired of the persecution of her people and was going to become and Ageless Whelpling using the Rebirth scroll to get justice for her people. She told Bob to get it over with and kill her already.

Now, a little peek behind the curtain, I had read all of Unexpected Discovery Redux when Rob first put it out. I knew Lillian was ageless from the beginning. But this romance story seemed too good to pass up.

Bob punched the wall, yelling at her for trying to kill herself. "If the Whelpling didn't kill you, the Paladins would have! Do you think they would just let an Ageless dragon fly around? They fucking locked Goldstant under a mountain and he was a damned Dragon Aspect! Why… why did you try and kill yourself."

"Because I'm tired Bob. Tired of living, tired of seeing all the hate, tired of seeing all the sorrow, tired of being alone."

And there's my door.

I asked the GM privately if I could use my Divine Favor while breaking it in half to cast The Book Of Bones on myself.



"You break your ankh between your hands as your flesh and blood dissolve from your body, leaving nothing but bone standing before Lillian."

Lillian was speechless for a while.

"Why are you doing this?" she whispered.

"So you don't have to be alone anymore. Lillian, before I met you I felt nothing. No joy, no fear, no sadness, no love. Then you showed up. You made me more than I had ever been before."

Silence for a while more.

"So now what? You leave me tied up here? You kill me?"

Bob shakes his head. "I was never going to leave you here Lillian." He unties her.

As soon as the ropes fall she attempts to cast invisibility and fails. Bob puts his hand on her shoulder (as much as a Keen can) and says, "It's alright. Take as much time as you need, but know you don't have to be alone anymore."

Another invisibility roll with it being a success this time has Lillian fade from view. Bob feels a hand press over his own and squeeze for a moment before she is gone.

End Scene.

Really, that was the best ending I could have asked for. I really wish this had been during one of my campaigns so I could establish what happens after that, but c'est la vie.

Anyways, thanks for reading dudes. Remember to play to the letter of your cards and take the spirit for all its worth.

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