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Gold Calculator

Do you ever get tired of manually counting gold? If so, well do so no more! With the gold calculator you are able to easily manage your or another player's gold. Get it today on Steam!

It also fits nicely in the race/class slot if you want a temporary place to store it.

There isn't much to say beyond that. If you need help transferring it to character creation (which you probably don't if you know TTS), you can see the spoiler below:
  1. Save the object (right click the coin):

  2. Give it a name and save it where you want:

  3. Spawn it into your character creation (by dragging):

  4. Enjoy!



  • That's really nice man! The two I've seen used have kinda small buttons and you just awkwardly place them where the giant picture goes. This one looks really clean, easy to click buttons, and has higher increments for larger purchases (or counting all your starting gold). I'll definitely be using this one m8!
  • Very useful and immediately added to my character creations so I don't need to keep track in a separate document. Well done my dude.
  • This looks really neat! I wonder if rob will incorporate something like this in Urealms/Deadrealms soon.
  • Hey thanks! Been looking for something like this, usually just used my phone calculator.
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