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URealms Looking for players to build a community

I am looking for regular URealms players that can play regularly and build a community around.

There will be PvP campaigns, PvE campaigns, other games, lore building sessions for our own URealms Universe, and much more.

Experience and the ability to GM are preferred but not mandatory as if I can't play at any point then I don't want other players missing out.

Will need to be able to play in UK time or in consideration of UK time.

Reply with why you should be chosen and your discord

Note - This is not limited to 4 players as campaigns may be higher caps then regular URealms and so everyone can enjoy themselves


  • I am in BST time zone, have GM'ed before a few times and am interested in GM'ing again.
    I like to think I'm at least slightly decent as a player,
    Lysander#6647 is mah discord
  • Strong maybe here Connor. EST but my hours make no sense even to me so I'm often up during UK time and I'm trying to practice TTS well enough to talk people through it for our own 'verse. Discord@ davey#2079
  • I could definitely try and help. I've GM'd Urealms in the past (all three seasons), and wouldn't mind being a player either. I love lore building, so I think I could definitely try and help!

    I'm in EST timezone, and although that's not an issue, it just means I'll have to adjust my schedule accordingly. I don't know if I'll be a consistent player/GM, as my schedule is kinda compact, but I'll make due with what I have! 

    My Discord is: Empo#0774
  • I live in the CET timezone (Central European timezone) So thats like 1 hour ahead of the Uk timezone. I have experiance with GMing id like to think. I also have experiance in lore building and world building. Id like to think im a fairly good player aswell. My discord is :nikiduke
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    I'm in the EST timezone and have a relatively loose schedule so scheduling shouldn't be a problem for me.  I've GM'd a few dozen games for my personal group, however I've only ever been a player in community games.  I already do a lot of lore building and love it, however I'm the worst at naming things.

    My discord is: Your Boy, Jordan#1601

  • I live in EST time zone and have college mostly in early morning and no classes on fridays so my schedule is pretty clear but will always give a heads up if I am not free for family things or other things. I have only GM'd around 2 times with close friends and have had to GM once by the seat of my pants when the GM before left and everyone pointed at me to replace and that turned out with some interesting results.  As for why I think I should be able to join this community is my flexibility is schedule as well as being able to be the main character or just a side support or bad comic relief. I also have a working mic and internet so that is always a plus. My discord is OldManSilver#5468. Thank you for considering my application.
  • I definitely recommend to anyone looking for more players or a community to check out the URealms Unified discord.
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