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Looking For Players / FULL

Hey yall, I'm looking to run a Urealms campaign and am looking for players. Character Creation would be on Thursday July 19th around 3pm PST, but I'm flexible on that time if all the players need it earlier or later. I'm looking to run the actual campaign on Saturday July 21st starting at 12-12:15pm PST and it should rap up around 6-7 o'clockish if all my time guestimations are correct. If you are interested send me a PM. I'm looking for four players, no experience in Urealms or Roleplaying games necessary. 

Here is the opening blurb of the campaign: There have been strange rumblings coming from Mount Forfalig. The mountain itself used to be a gathering site for a group of powerful sorcerers, but has since been abandoned when they all died trying to climb The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. But now it seems the mountains stirs once more. A group of adventures has been hired by a nearby town to see what is going on and to make sure any group has proper permits for any rituals they may be planning.

Basically a nearby town has hired some adventurers to see whats going on with the mountain. This is will be a combat heavy campaign with chances for roleplay sprinkled about. 


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