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General talking thread

Just a place to put random thoughts or just move random discusions to



  • @xxthatguy11xx ;
    hasnt been around for a while huh its been like a month and a half
  • @Rein
    I remember him being busy during the summer last year
  • Most of my time spent here is just me being a degenerate or being played like a fool or making the wrong decisions, I wish you could block people on this site.
  • Yo guys, uh, who do you guys think will be in the next Campaign's Animation
  • We know that there are only 3 people, all voiced by rawb

    And rawb said he likes the humor for the video, so maybe it's a meta thing? Or maybe it has phineas in it? Maybe it has nisovin? Or maybe, even a brand new character. 

    What do you guys think
  • Do we know what the next show is about?
  • @Murlin22
    I dont think so
  • Gonna go with a wild guess at a dwarf centric camp
  • @Murlin22
    Uhh, who do you think would be in the animation for that? 

    I personally think, it ciuld be another elf centered campaign, or an ageless one. 
  • We've had so many elf campaigns in Urealms so far that I doubt we'll get another one before the end of the season. I reckon that if it's a dwarf campaign we'll get a Willakers family animation  
  • @Murlin22
    Ooh, the more i think about it, the more possible that one is
  • Oh please not another elf centric campaign. All the other races need so much more development
  • I'd say that a Dwarvern Campaign would be the best bet.

    • We've had an oversaturation of Elves this season.
    • Sandbolds is the Main Kobold Campaign of the season, since the seasons tend to have exactly 1 kobold-centric campaign [Kobold Headhunters for S1, Murder Bros for S2]
    • Gnomes don't really get any dedicated campaigns often, the only one I can recall being clearly on Gnomes being Okagnoma Guild Hall, with any others not being too clear or memorable if they're even is any. It could be possible to get Gnomes, but I don't see it happening.
    • Porcs are just Porcs. They're silly, and unless we have a random filler campaign going to New Porc City, or going to after the events of Porc Hunters, I don't see this being it.
    • We already had a couple of Ageless Campaigns, in The Purge and Senate of Deadlantis. It's possible due to the theme of the season, but it's virtually certain that the Finale will be involving Ageless, so I can't see it happening without spoiling the Finale in some way or another.

  • And we do have a Dwarven centric campaign every season as well
    Unseen Rouges (intro of Devurgs)
    Fall of Dundinbourough (we learned lots a dwarven lore)
    season 3 ???

    lots of signs

    though you never know, we might just get an unimportant mercenary gang campaign with a huge Lore Dump with some huge plot event happening
  • I would enjoy a random campaign with no overlying impact on the main plot
  • @Murlin22 ;
    you mean like


  • Not quite that obscure 
  • In other words, you want a campaign to not influence the plot, but just influential enough to influence the plot?
  • I want a cannon story that has very little to do with the overarching plots.
  • Ik the next campaign is about some of the major elf families that from what I can tell not Sundword of Az
  • @Murlin22 ;
    (oh so like a Tower of Ultimate wizardry or Unseen Rouges
  • I have a hunch, that tigreal will be in it

    That, or season 10
  • confirmed info about the campaign (as in I rely on Sixelona's discord, who watches Rawb's streams often, and I know Pufflemore does the same thing)

    -its an elven centric campaign (most likely) AW SHIT NOT AGAIN
    -elven families
    -has the OG crew

    idk what else probably has one of the characters who has kept showing up this season

    yeah I except Season 4 to be a good deal different
  • @knguy
    Actually,maybe its the worst day in barringster history

    Maybe the ones in the animation will be virho, niisovin, and someone elae, as long as they're voiced by rob
  • @knguy It perhaps has to do with the elven families on the council then. Maybe they are not in the council like in Senate of Deadlantis, but thats what I am thinking
  • How much do y'all wanna bet that therell be a donation event that turns douglass into an animal
  • I haven’t had a chance to watch the trailer yet, so if any spoilers of it can be avoided, will appreciate 
  • So wait. Is this happening before the last campaign. Since they got arrested right?
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