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Custom Class: Clown Class

Hello! Inspired by the DeadRealms campaign, I've decided to make a Clown Class! Took some inspiration from the campaign, and some from what I think of when I think "clown." I've also got several fun and unique ideas for a Mime class so I'll share it here as well when I get to it (probably late tonight or tomorrow). 
Class Art is from Google Images and the Element gem with all 6 elements I got from the KonRealms expansion.
Class Card:

This class ended up somewhat similar to Bandito's because Clowns typically have lots of little "acts" they perform.

The strongest "spammable" IMO in this class. Doesn't quite combo with the class, but theme-wise it fits and it gives the class something strong to use every turn.

This Passive is what Primarily brings this class together and makes it unique. My one concern about making a class "overpowered" here, is that this gives the clown access to so many more free interrupts than normal.

This is the subtheme of the class. Gives access to some healing and combos with several abilities.

One of the last cards I made, wanted to give the Top Hat a spammable friend : p

The last regular ability of the class is a classic

Idea was definitely inspired by DeadRealms, a fun limited for dealing with many foes at once.

A fun grouping limited that aids several other abilities

Ran out of ideas mostly and also didn't want too many limiteds in the class. Thought it was a fun filler card

My one concern about game balance is how many limiteds this class can use to interrupt in combat, they aren't as powerful as other limiteds (balanced around being used twice), however just the fact that they can be free interrupts twice is a little weird for me to balance. 

What are your thoughts?

"This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"

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