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Dead Realms Thread: Moon Mission

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This is the campaign thread for the 1st Dead Realms called Moon Mission! Let us know what you guys think about the campaign!


  • Man, I've been dying of laughter so far!
  • So something stated was interesting for Deadrealms lore. Deadbones said Phanto was the sun which means once Phanto died he went to Deadrealms and became their sun. Even if it's not cannon it's a great attention to detail on the part of Deadbones. Kudos
  • Unluckiest round in URealms history vs the Mimes.
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  • So when you die in the afterlife you disintigrate
  • I like prize dice.
  • You always wanted a deathroll Rawb, so you got one >:)
  • Does Rawb now have the highest character death rate?
  • Spiff needed to get the Infinity Gauntlet
  • Ok I have to admit, I laughed more at that campaign than most Urealms canon campaigns. That was actually amazing.
  • I don't think so. He had some characters in Side Quests between Season 1 and 2 that didn't die. I know Milbee has had some characters that have died, though I'm not sure if that excheeds Rob. @Reizel
  • Official clown business, nothing to see here

  • Man, I haven't laughed so hard at a campaign in my life, this campaign was incredible.

    Just shows how much you can do with a little bit of Official Clown Business
  • First Campaign I've managed to watch all of live (it's roughly midnight for me at this point) and it was definitely worth it! OFFICIAL CLOWN BUSINESS!
  • Really loved this stream, particularly the prize boxes.

    So, I did some math. There is a 1/6 chance of a death roll on a prize die. Then there is a 1/20 chance of failing the death roll. So there is a 1/120 chance of death each time a die is rolled. So if you want a 50/50 chance of someone dying, you would need to roll the prize die 83 times (Using log(.5)/log(119/120) to figure it out. If you wish to check do 1-(119/120)^83). So, if you ever want to donate to death, you can look at the prize boxes as an 8300 dollar donation to have a 50% chance to kill a character. For a 99% chance to kill a character you would need 550 prize boxes or 55000 dollar.
  • i only have 1 thing to say...


  • My head canon is that Simone did not die. Instead what happened was that somebody in real URealms used Greater Lay on Hands and brought Simone back to life.

    Deadbones needs a stack of Legendaries that he can hand out because Spiff absolutlely deserved to have the Infinity Gauntlet after coming into possession of 6 gauntlets.

    Apocalypse in Clown Town.

    Clown Race and Mime class for season 4

    Rawb can't be to keen on Prize dice after this, setting a death record.

    Why was Pause not part of this game years ago? He absolutely deserves to be one of the core players in official games. 
  • Godspeed, Coe's Swammie. May you one day return to us, hopefully as a player character.
  • I was afraid that it will be another derailed campaign like the first side quest, but I am happy I was proven wrong. Gave me such a nostalgia trip of those weird season one campaigns.

    Also if I can add one constructive criticism: The only thing I wish for next time is that Rob tones down the backseat DMing and to trust Deadbones' ability to control the campaign.
  • Rob
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    Prize Dice is cool, coin flip needs to be reconsidered. I think Coin Flip may be more like gumioh tears where the player can use it when they want, but also that we do a VOTE reset before every coin flip and remove the 3rd donation or replace it with something else. Maybe even a reset before and after so you guys can vote for the coin then vote for future loot dice.
  • OFFICIAL CLOWN BUSINESS. Good meme. Good show.

    Actual comments now: I liked the Prize dice, the coin however was lackluster. It really had no effect because chat cannot time when the coin happens or who it happens to. 
    I loved the silliness that DB went with for this first show, really shows how god damned off the rails things can get in The Deadrealms. 
    I do hope DB gets more confident in his DMing, Rob was sort of rolling over him a few times. 
    Coe and Spiff were as amazing as ever.
    Pause is an interesting addition, combining Milbee's silliness with a more firm understanding that sometimes the right thing to do is the boring thing and just hit a dude. 
    All in all, good show and I'm glad Rawb died twice. 
  • Great show, I'm glad now we can have some silly inconsequential campaigns without breaking the lore. Prize Dice was a pretty cool part of the show and Rob dying to his own 20 was absolutely hilarious.
    And, yeah, we definitely need a Clown and Mime race/class next season even if we might not deserve it.
  • Anybody else excited for the official art to come out?
  • When will the tragedy of URealms gays dying come to an end?  :(
  • so good can't wait for more :smile: 
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    "This is the fucking Deadrealms, motherfuckers!" - Deadbones

    That was a hilarious campaign. Loved all the characters and their goofs, especially Coe. $100 Loot Boxes Prize Dice are awesome. Clown Town was amazing, so much silliness and laughs however I wished they could have explored more.

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    Why is there no twitch vod for Deadrealms?

    Hi, I'm Jam and I'm a scummy twitch vod watcher. Anyways with that out of the way I'd like to say I only have internet for a very small period of time some days. And for that reason being a urealms fan can be tough(rawb fan all around :heart:). However, I have found a sneaky way past this problem by using my little internet time the best possible way, downloading rawbs twitch vods. >:D My plan was perfect until those meddling kids stopped it by not having the deadrealms vod *grrrrrrrrrrrr* yah idk its 4:30am rn while writing this :ugh: 

    UPDATE: False alarm, it seems to have been streamed on rurikar22 and not the Urealms twitch account. Makes sense for many reasons but I guess 4am me trying to figure out why there is no vod on Urealms just needed time to think it through to figure out its true location :smile: now time to watch all the deadrealms at a later date because I have it downloaded :evilsmile: scummy twitch vod watcher AWAYYYYYYY
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    @Patroal Yea, I, too, really like how inconse... inconspi... inconspicuous deadrealms campaigns can be :)

    Jokes aside though, this campaign is now among my favorites. I really liked the prize die, and can't wait to see what the future deadrealms campaigns are going to be like.

  • By far the best show of the season yet, full of Laughs, Drama, Suspense and Action!
    I am looking forward to more DeadRealms Campaigns.
    The Prize Dice Rewards are a great addition, I am considering using it in my games. It's great to be able to reward players with a game of chance that doesn't take too long or over complicate things.

    Also probably going to be quoting, "OFFICIAL CLOWN BUSINESS" For a good while now. :)
  • Wonderful show. I like the wacky nature of the deadrealms. Ill be interested seeing how it evolves over time. 

    The donation rewards kind of slowed down the game. Especially at the beginning. Maybe there is a way to streamline the process? Figure out everyone's out how many rolls each person has and then have them roll them at once?

    Allow people to see all their prizes before picking and choosing.

    The coin flip wasn't very useful. It should be saved for when the player wants to use it. 

    For a third donation idea I really like random spells. So I would suggest giving the players the ability to randomly draw and cast a legendary spell. They won't know the spell until they use the ability. I imagine that would lead to some fun encounters.
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