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Minecraft Snapshot Vanilla Server

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Updated Info: Server has been updated to the full release 1.13! And we have a new map going!

Application: *For players joining after August 8th*

Basic rules apply, no griefing or stealing, limit cursing, ect.
If you are found cheating, xray/flying/ect you will be given a warning for a minor offense, and ban for a major.
Basically normal server rules, pranking is allowed, but only if one opts into prank wars, rules will be established at a later point.

Spawn building: Feel free to build around spawn as long as an area isn't claimed/ you give existing builds/WIP builds space, its always smart to ask ahead of time! If you wanna reserve a spot for a shop or something, feel free to put up a sign with your name/coords and/or fence, just dont be too greedy!

or basically the 28th tbh

Had to shut down the modded server due to it basically imploding on itself, may look into another modpack server in the future, otherwise, I will be working on another project with some friends that will be talked about later down the road.
The vanilla server will be on and going for the future though.


  • Sounds like it could be fun. My Minecraft username is kreeperkiller63 because I’m consistent.
    I have a questions though, who is whitelisted on the server currently?
  • @kreeperkiller63 mostly players from six's discord, unfortunately Minecraft has issues with whitelists, so you should be able to join but will be set in adventure mode, after that you'll be set in adventure mode.
  • Sounds fun, finally a vanilla server I can occupy my time with! My username is the same as this with monkey at the end.
  • That sounds like a really fun time! My username is drummachine. Can't wait to play with you all  :)
  • O/
    I think mine's in my profile: Multi_Magi !
  • Also heads up! Stronghold/ender eyes are broken as of right now, so if they aren't fixed sooner then later I will just be putting on at spawn some where
  • Really sucks that strongholds are broken (very annoying 30 or so minutes of looking around), but hopefully we will be able to either find a new one or just do the spawn thing.
  • Hi, my name is Dragonnskull (with two N's) on minecraft! I cant wait to join! My friend recently stopped hosting so I am sure this will be fun, plus I haven't really gotten to play a lot of the later updates.
  • HI, Username is evik2005 spelled just like that. IF you could also add my friend Cool_Cat152
  • Hello, my username is Woodroon. I would love to join your vanilla server 
  • I might jump in. My username is siennamydog
  • Guys its not using a whitelist you can just join the server. Several of us are already on it having tons of fun!
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    Hopped on to check it out yesterday and it seems really cool! Unfortunately there was nobody available to take me off Adventure mode at the time, but I look forward to playing minecraft again! (username is the same as here btw)
  • Had a nice explore around spawn, Hopefully next time im on a mod can set me to Survivor mode. Username: Projectgregory
  • Sounds Great! My username is SirTimmlsy
  • Hey, my username is Tiggas. Loved the spawn town, really cool buildings.
  • Hope to have some fun! PatchezCrackle is my username
  • I would love to play with some urealms folk, username: cools8
  • Room for another? my username is Danc3sWithPigs
  • May I join too? __Leoh_ is the name
  • Hey this looks pretty cool I'll hop on sometime.  Username: YourBoyJordan
  • This sounds like a cool idea. Username is Tatotaters
  • I'm really excited to try the server out! My username is QuailCakes (same as the forums). I'm excited to try the game again with 1.13 coming out, and this seems like a great way to do it.
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    I'm not on Six's discord, can you set me up?
    Username: PyreStarite
    Don't know when I will start, I wanted to wait until the actual 1.13 update.
  • Mind if I join in? :)
    username: Buhnanuhs
  • Don’t forget you can join the server and if you see Cloud on you will gain access to survival
  • I'm ljfairy on minecraft, could you please add me :)
  • Could i hop on and build
    username: erock1118

  • I wanna check this out, I haven't MC'd in ages!
    Username: Eiyrnas
  • I’ll join once the update goes live, but that’s awesome!
    username: misterbuddy
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