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Minecraft: Snapshot Server RETURNS



  • I would be interested in joining. 
    username: TheEternalLord
  • Sounds fun but I can't get my launcher to update to 1,13
    Username: Lady_Kari
  • @Lady_Kari that may be cuz 1.13 isn't out yet :) the server's on a snapshot, so you'll have to select it by..checking a box that allows unreleased versions? I dont quite remember ~_~
  • Were thinking about doing the dragon fight tomorrow Sunday at 8 pm eastern time. You guy think you can make it?
  • My username is GeneticallyDank the same as it appears on here. If it's not too full, I'd like to join.  It's absolutely fine if you don't want me, as I am rather shy, so i might just add more clutter to the server without benefiting everyone else.
  • Hey so I will be resetting the world, so a brand new one, and we will be adding plugins/commands as they become available, the main reason is do to earlier bugs, alot messing with generation of builds such as strongholds, have been fixed, and since there are alot of newer players I felt it best for that. The server is running on the full 1.13 version!

    Players may need to be given adventure mode, however with plugins being able to be added it should be able to be given automatically based on time spent on the server or something of those lines.
  • Thank you for the server, CloudPelt.
  • Cool!
    Username: TriggerLucky
  • I've been looking for a smaller server that doesn't already have every block for 5,000,000 blocks built on already. IGN: AwesomeName7
  • I walked around looks neat IGN: SharkBaitwhoha
  • Spawn looks rather nice
    IGN. Murlin_Xeros
  • It was awesome looking around for that short time I was on for a bit.
    IGN: Flyntloch
  • I'll join and I might play a little! IGN NovaNoxu
  • I'll join! IGN: Jordanttt
  • Server will be going into whitelist mode later this week, If you want to be on it you must be on the server within the next few days,as in if you've not been on for a week you wont be whitelisted unless you message me, either message me on discord or here, or comment your user name here.  Due to the increase of players finding the server by random by Google, and some of those players not following rules, it feels much safer to do so, its just adding new players who havent been on the server yet a bit more complicated.
  • I might not be on in the next few days, so just in case, its Talmik, 
  • Whitelist has been enabled.
  • Hi. My Minecraft username is Pubbles and I would like to be whitelisted to your server please, CloudPelt.
  • Yo my Username is AlterRein
    I love playing with other people and having genuine fun experiences like this
    also is there a discord for this minecraft server
  • @CloudPelt There should be a link to the discord and the server application.
  • there is in the 1st post now @Tiggas ;

  • My username is MasterDJV, I've been meaning to come by and check it out but life finds a way to be troublesome sometimes :-p
  • Just note if you are joining after whitelist was put up you must fill out the application:
  • Hey just to let yall know we do have essentials running as of today to make things a bit more convenient!
  • Just applied, I can't believe it has taken me this long to notice this thread.  :|
  • Havent been on in a while,
    My username is SirTimmlsy

  • Please fill out of the form then SirTimmsly, as you've not been on for over a month nor on the new map.
  • is the server closed? I haven't been able to play for a while so I don't know if there have been any changes.
  • Hey sorry about that @TalMiko ;
    I had stopped the server for a sec and I guess I just forgotten to turn it back on.

    In other news... I will be starting up a new world tonight using the latest snapshot!
    I will be making a download available of the old world sometimes this/next week. Plugins will probably take a while to update so we will be returning to once again... pluginless.. unless the current versions work with the snapshot of course... 

    I have also started up a modded server for InkCraft, using the FoolPack 3 modpack!
    You can download it from the twitch launcher.


    It is whitelisted, anyone whitelisted on the survival server is also on here, if you'd like to join either please fill out the application.
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