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The Last Beenu: Norokoh's Last

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Norokoh’s Last


A king holds a sceptre for it is his right

A warrior charges boldly for he is might

Yet the assassin holds his knife behind his back

Dipping in and out of shadows at one with the murky black

I value my friends for they alone understand

Tink and Norokoh forever it has been written and planned


When we die we will not be forgotten

Our deeds were specialties of what is vile and rotten

Watching others melt away from life

Their memories taken by the blade of our knife


If elves were meant to fly the Gods would have given us wings

Experience now tells me different things

No one is closer to a child than his mother

A child with two should need no other

Even if one should turn that child away

That child would surely have the other until the end of days


When we die are we forgotten?

What of those who were vile and rotten?

Should they just melt away from life?

Their memories taken by the reapers knife.


Once our blood runs dry or our skull lies broken

We are all equal what’s stripped from us mere token

For in death we are all the same my first, my last

A king, a kraken, the future, my past

Have I the right to make those choices

 Absolutely none

But no greater was the right of the one who killed my mum


Who was my friend… have I forgotten?

If this is true were he vile, were he rotten?

I have watched many now melt away from life

I stand alone now my memories tainted by this cursed knife


I am now a phantom of my former self

Stripped apart of what made me myself

A spectre that holds a bloodied sabre

Murder now will become my labour

For Blade or claw, life can be shred

I have a new life now. Norokoh is dead…


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