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Urealms 1v1 PvP Tournament 6/23 - 6/24

Hello! I shall be hosting a 1v1 single elimination PvP tournament next weekend. Here's the scoop:
I’ll allow a max of 16 combatants to enter, resulting in 4 rounds of the tournament. I’ll host the first round of battles on that Saturday (8 total matches assuming full tournament), and the last three rounds Sunday (7 matches total, assuming full tournament). This time, you will make fresh characters before EACH fight, meaning you’ll end up making 4 total characters if you make it to the finals. I use some slightly altered rules that allow for smoother and quicker matches (since player characters are normally so hard to kill) as well as more unique and fun characters. These can be found easily in the Discord that'll be linked at the bottom. 

Each game I’ve set a cap of 1.5 hours for the fight. However, I doubt the 1v1s should last that long and if several other fights in the day have been short I may be willing to extend that slightly. (This is because I’m hosting a lot of games by myself each day). I’m gonna start matches at about 9am EST 6/23 and go until I need to sleep or the fights are done. If you don’t show up for your fight during that day your being disqualified to allow day 2 to go, but if I run out of time on Saturday for all the fights then I’m gonna havta squeeze into Sunday if possible. Since there’s new characters each match I’m going to allow spectating of matches (unless the fighters’ internet isn’t strong enough for several people). But obviously you wont be able to interact vocally or physically with the match. (You’ll be able to watch, listen, and potentially talk with eachother. Depends if I stream it or you watch it “in person”).
There are also some new cards/classes being used in this tournament, but those are also shown and available to be checked out in the Discord.
If you wish to participate, join the Discord server I moderate below and place your (Discord) Username in the "Tournament Registration" tab. Although if you wish to join the server to just check it out, maybe so you can join other normal PvP matches later feel free!
And if you have any questions feel free to ask below or ping me in Discord (same username as here).
Tl;dr – Hosting a 1v1 pvp tournament 6/23 – 6/24, 16 people max, new characters each match, slightly altered rules (see in Discord), some new cards/classes (also see in Discord). First round of tournament is that Saturday, other 3 rounds on Sunday. You can spectate matches but not interact/distract.
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