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How to Kill Bopen Idea



  • @Megabozoman ;
    This is a pot on How to Kill Bopen Idea. But that idea does make some sense. I feel that we are on the right track MORE IDEAS 
  • Any more Ideas after people who listed to lore streams? Anyone *Bump*
  • Does anyone think their might me a hint to Bopen for the new campaign a FATE WORSE THAN DEATH. I wonder if we will learn a way to kill Bopen the Skeleton King or maybe learn of an old god who can kill him. I wonder if Rawb will answer any of these questions.
  • Do any of you people think some of the new Old god Devines have the power and the will to kill Bopen and maybe the answer to killing him and bringing peace to the realm of the living? Let me know post your thoughts.
  • @Badger_IronHide I can think of one main idea to kill bopen, get the death note skin ability and write his name.
  • My theory is that Bopen is a puppet controlled by an old god that is possibly actual Rob. That sorta hyper meta thing is very Rob so you'd have to kill Bopen in a very meta way. The way to do that is to be a good enough character or make a good enough character that would to convince Rob to let that character kill Bopen. This is something that only the Order of Chaos make happen.
  • You guys need to remember that Bopen is the cursed sword not the skeleton it self so the only way to destroy Bopen is the either melt or destroy the sword. Once you remove the sword from the bones it the soul of Bopen would be in side the sword mean you can then enclose it 
  • @Sweatingdwarf123

    thats what I always thought
  • @Morgan That is a good point also *bump*
  • edited July 2019
    I was re reading the poem of Bopen and things keep coming into my head. About the ring. Also didn't Bopen say some other stuff about when he was born that lance was there. I re listened to that dialog in the Purge. I think I missed some things. But the RING is becoming more important in my theory. Anyone else have any ideas? also *Bump*@Morgan ;
    I think we are both on to something.

  • anyone else have any ideas. I hope something comes up in the campaign tomorrow that can help lead to some more answers to this question of how to kill Bopen. If we do get answers it will probably lead to more questions.
  • Blow up the sun

  • I wish I was kidding

  • That would work. But would end the show. Any other ideas?
  • I think that the song that Bopen is in. The Nursery Rhyme. I think that is a key part and we should figure it out. But also only time can tell.
  • Thanks a good Idea Dane. Any more ideas?
  • If anyone else has any ideas after 2 months. Go Ahead shoot away. Im still curious I hope some people are still!
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