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Kinney and the 'Bolds

She had electric Mace, a Canine face,
You know i saw her on the youtuuuuuuube show!

Kinney and the 'Bolds.


  • Kinney and the 'Bolds,
    Yes Kinny and the 'Bolds

    One is a leader
    The others like gold
    They're seven-sea kobolds
    Their Riches are untold
    They're Kinny
    They're Kinny and the 'Bolds, 'Bolds, 'Bolds, 'Bolds, 'Bolds, 'Bolds, 'Bolds, 'Bolds

    Before each day is done
    Their sails will be unfurled
    By the dying of the sun
    They'll go and get some girls

    Theyre Kinny and the 'Bolds
    Yes Kinney and the 'Bolds
    Their midday campaign
    is easy to explain
    To prove their Kobold worth

    They'll harm, maim, and hurt
    They're Kinney
    They're Kinney and the 'Bolds, 'Bolds, 'Bolds, 'Bolds, 'Bolds, 'Bolds, 'Bolds, 'Bolds
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