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Minor Achievements for regular people

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So! I just bought the last of the available kobolds avatars, I own every single kobold avatar aside from Ida from The Purge.
And that is my very minor achievement and evidence that I'm probably a furry. Anyone else has a minor achievement they'd like to share?


  • having documents full of character sheets, aside from the ones on my profile. My children, if you will.
  • pssh, not to brag or anything but i have several pages of unfinished wips that probably wont see the light of day, beat that

    didnt say anything about bad achievements :smile: 

  • Whoever said they'd had to be good? We accept all wastes of time Achievements here!
  • I've had 46 of my characters die in the Roleplay Games, section of the forums. 4 more and I think I'll earn an achivment 
  • i have a youtube channel where i play old video games that hasn't had a reliable upload schedule in four months
  • look at my messages
  • I think I am the only person other than @Jimmy with all the forum accolades.
  • If it's Urealms achievements, I've put every character I've ever made into a Urealms map for future use. There's about 20 or more now!
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    @Ventinor bold claim. Just looking at a few people for a couple minutes in the "Top 20" you can see that @Rukuri and @Kelp   also have 6 badges (so do I :wink: )

    Edit: I didn't see the DD badge on my mobile so you are right! I thought this thread was for minor achievements and regular people, didn't notice we had DD winning big shots in our presence :3 
  • But the question is, does anyone have all 6 accolades and the Order of Chaos accolade?
    Now that's quite the achievement.
  • @knguy Oh man I just realized @Ventinor DOES have all the badges AND the DD badge. For some reason it wasn't showing up for me on mobile :dank: That is quite a thing.
  • That's... huh... impressive. I think that deserves a badge in itself.
  • I've written more urealms smut than anyone ever ought to have. 
  • I have the forum’s longest thread of ~1800 pages
    I got 70,000 messages

  • My most impressive achievement is my total lack of achievements. Although, now that I've achieved it does that mean I lose my only achievement? :(
  • After an entire year of this forum existing, I finally rolled a 20 for daily gold and xp a while ago.

    This is probably the minor-est achievement on this thread tbh.
  • I think I'm the only dude with dwarf in his name
  • I'm unreasonably proud of having exactly 0 Gold:
  • @MetaSwan You get an achievement for creating a paradox but that achievement breaks the paradox
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