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To the souls who we have corrupted and those who have yet felt our touch

Forgive us. Not all of our voices are heard, not all of us wish for so much pain upon your realm. We are the Old Gods, the ones who watch over all, the ones to blame for things going wrong. I am but one voice shouting among countless others. I hope you can hear me, and know that I am a wiser god now. I used to agree with the darker voices, wanting drama and despair to happen. But now I know better. You are not a device used to entertain us, you are flesh and blood, you are a living creature just like us. Too many lives have been ruined beyond repair by us. I pray for Lady Luck to by on my side and allow a righteous divine decision to be made. I want to help you my children but I fear I am not strong enough, the odds of my voice ringing out are low. So fight. Fight with your whole being, do not let our dark desires come true. The visions we send do not mean it must be so, you can change it! Fate is in your hands, you have the power to turn the tide against us... I love you all so deeply my children. Even you Bopen.
To the other Old Gods. The ones whose voices can not be heard and those whose voices are deafening.. I will continue to scream for what I think is right. Join my voice and end this Order of Chaos. We have seen enough suffering. It is time we fix the damages we have caused.

Ps. I wanted to post this in the Order of Chaos forum, but I am not allowed soooo I picked the best fitting one I could think of.


  • Only those chosen from the divine decision can post in the Order of Chaos section just as a heads up.
  • Out of interest, what would you say the most recent instance of damage that we personally caused is?
  • Reviving a Psychopaths sense of self and letting them back out into the realm to kill more.
  • Death is the Only Ending.
    And now we have a killing machine of our own, out in the world to do our bidding. 
    I say we can make some great Endings.
    Don't you agree? 
  • What Frkgr354 said. But the damage that really rocks my core is when we took Lyn Azveltara child. We promised her a child if she did what we asked, but after she upheld her end of the deal we decided no kids for her.
  • @bl1ndn3rd ; i fully agree, let's make some memorable Endings together. 
  • @bl1ndn3rd I wouldn't say death is the only ending, as for some it's only the beginning and for others it never comes to them. Just look at David Jerry, Tink (Justin in Last Beenu), he never got to meet death yet he met his end (given how erase works).
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    Their world exists as long as the Old Gods are entertained enough to infuse their own power into it, if suffering is what entertains us then it shall be... if harmony would entertain us, then it shall be.
  • @Heart_of_Earendil ;
    I agree with your general sentiment, but not your specifics.
    My opinion is that the Old God's interference in the Realm is damaging not only to the people in the Realm (no, they are not real, but let's let them think they are), but our entertainment derived from it (or, at least mine).

    I think direct intervention on a power level equivalent to world making by the Old Gods escalates the perception of power in URealms. It makes the Dragon Aspects seem like weaklings when they are literally what 90% of the people in the Realm pray to and what can level an entire town in 20 seconds. This effectively removes the feeling of awe from the viewers in the long term. Sure, for now it feels immensely awesome to wield that kind of power, but after a while it gets boring. Imagine you have been playing a video game for a while until you decide to enable some cheat codes and basically win the game. Then what do you do?

    I prefer to feel awestruck when Chimera burst out of a prison cart and slayed a battalion of elves, or when the first Beenu war machine appeared in Zarlin Catacombs, or when Golstandt simply awoke, bringing down an entire mountain and basically putting an end to (or at least dampening) life extension for elves. There are so many cool and interesting things about this universe that I love. Being in a small perspective more easily creates a sense of awe and a sense of earned power once the campaign is over. But now that we have created a god, soon to be two, what will we do next?

    In short, the quick escalation in the perception of power in URealms has created worries that little to nothing will be awesome in the future of the show, this effect being mainly caused by the Old Gods.

    Note that I'm still excited for the story of URealms to unfold, as awe is not the only interesting thing about it. I continue to vote in DDs to minimize the impact that the Old Gods have and let characters "choose" their own path (I trust in Rob's writing skills).
  • @Frkgr354 @Heart_of_Earendil

    Alright, thank you. Just wondering.
  • There are many Old Gods out there, and none will truly ever agree with each other. For the thousands and thousands of us watching over your world, only a handful will ever truly be able to breach the veil and interact with your world. But not all of those voices are benign. Some may make horrible actions in our name, some giving a pretense of hope solely to steal it away. 

    But let it not be said that we are all bad. Most of us saw the pain that a coldhearted assassin was forced to endure and chose to try and grant them some mercy, despite the consequences. And most of us pool our powers together in the attempt to create boons to help out those we are focused on, most of the time.

    So let it not be said that the Old Gods are the remorseless absolute. We merely get lost in our search for entertainment, sometimes even willing to make others suffer for it. But at our cores, most of us wish nothing more than to see peace befall your world.
  • @Heart_of_Earendil Not sure why you think we took Lyn's child. We never did such a thing. We promised her a child, and we gave her one. We just neglected to tell her she would give birth to the last Beenu. Besides, Lyn is a horrible person. She committed xenocide just to have a child. And when she got that child, she treated it like garbage because it was the wrong race. In many respects, I wish we had taken her child because she would genuinely deserve that pain.
  • Who cares about our actions! We watch and try to create a story to entertain us, and you can't have a story without conflict. Our actions that can be seen as negative are simply our way of giving a character a legacy and a story. A little chaos is not to be looked down at. We are just giving people what everyone wants; to be remembered. Chaos and anarchy are our way of giving the people of the realms exactly what they want. We started a war and now we have the opportunity to see who will rise and who will fall. We have freed a killer so that they and others may learn or fall trying. The strong shall be remembered and the weak shall blow away like sand in the wind. Chaos shall lead their path, and we shall create that chaos!
  • @Razz I believe the words you are looking for would be "Chaos reigns supreme!"
  • @JazzyWaffles Are you sure Lyn treated like garbage? Lyn wanted her to grow up to be something better than an Assassin, and although we don't really know much about parenting in URealms, I'd say that's her treating her child rather nicely (by what we know in URealms).

    @Razz Agreed, Chaos gives 'em a new breath of life and Conflict builds their character.
  • @UnluckyBimi As evidenced from the Sandbolds and Last Beenu, Lyn does not care about Ghostblade. She only kept her around so that she would repopulate the beenu (for some reason), and later disowned her. Lyn only thought of her as an object, nothing more.
  • @Kyle No clue how you got anything like that from Last Beenu, as Lyn not wanting Ghostblade to become an assassin (and thus a tool AKA object) goes against that. Sandbolds is a different story, as that's all after Ghostblade became a murderous maniac and had been maimed by Quintara Lotus
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    lyn doesn't want Ghostblade to become an assassin could be because she cares but also because it would put her key to redemption in danger. so she could just as likely not wanting Ghostblade to become an assassin for selfish reasons. as in it could be bad for her plans. i think Lyn probably do care for Ghostblade in some form but wont admitted it because of her divided feelings about the beenus, so she is using the redemption plot as a way to cope with it all. a way to racializing and excuse her feelings. but in the end you could see it in many ways. the dialog how ever is pointing pretty hard at her not caring as it is what she is saying her self. @UnluckyBimi
  • @LexderMob The dialog hardly points to her not caring, Also, it's URealms there's danger everywhere and training Ghostblade to be a fighter would've kept her out of harms way more-so than her just not being trained given who Lyn herself is. - If Lyn had conflicted emotions over Beenu in general,  then she wouldn't care about resurrecting the Beenu and thus not care about using Ghostblade as an assassination tool. - It just doesn't add up when you put it the way you have.
  • @UnluckyBimi ; The dialog hardly points to her not caring, Bei Mei; don´t you even have a auns of love for the child that came out of you womb. Lyn: of course i don't.
    If Lyn had conflicted emotions over Beenu in general,  then she wouldn't care about resurrecting the Beenu. she killed the Beenu and now feels she has been punished for it when she got a Beenu child. so she toke that as a sign she has to redeem her self by resurrecting the Beenu. that's how she refer to it herself. how wouldn't feel conflicted about resurrecting a race that they hated enough that they killed them in the first place. 
    being an assassin is a dangerous job we witness in first hand how dangerous it is and Bei Me is specifically training Ghostblade to work as a assassin not just for self defense.

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    @LexderMob "so she toke that as a sign she has to redeem her self by resurrecting the Beenu." The only people we've actually heard mention resurrecting the Beenu are the Sandbolds, not Lyn. - "Bei Me is specifically training Ghostblade to work as a assassin not just for self defense." That's true, however being the untrained daughter of one of the most famous Assassins is easily arguably a more dangerous thing than being an assassin trained by a master assassin (Bei Mei). - Edit/Addition: I just think you're making your assumptions seem like they're confirmed, when they're almost baseless.
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    @UnluckyBimi ;  The only people we've actually heard mention resurrecting the Beenu are the Sandbolds, not Lyn. episod one the last beenu. she said it her self and Ghostblade also mention that that´s lyns plan.
    baseless, was about to say the same about you.
  • @LexderMob I'm not making any assumptions on baseless grounds, I'm just bringing up alternate possibilities you've completely thrown out of the window.- There's also one thing I'd like to point out, "Bring back" (Lyn's actual words around the Beenu) can mean more than just "Resurrect" depending on interpretation and although I'm not a fan of mentioning tropes Parents lying about what they feel about their children is kinda common, especially in this way, to try get 'em to live a better existence. - I feel like I have to say this to you every single time we talk (although almost always worded differently): I'm not denying the possibility, nor saying it isn't likely, just that there's other equally credible theories that you're just throwing out the window without a second thought.
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  • @JazzyWaffles ; I guess i remembered that season wrong, my mistake.
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