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The Cabbagiest (thats a word now) of Discord Servers

The Discord Sever of Cabbage's are needing more members for our Urealms campaigns, we are also cool with you hosting other games in Tabletop Simulator.

If you need help while on our little Discord Server, simply ask one of the Admins (Head of Cabbage), one of us are almost always on. We have bots for you to mess around with, and custom emotes with no restrictions on what you Nitro nerds can do.

So if you just want to dick around and have fun. We're here.



  • What type of campaigns are you hosting if i may ask?
  • @nikiduke Normally Urealms Discords host oneshots that aren't apart of any over arching story or with a set group of players. Well atleast i'm assuming that's what kind of games they do, i'm not apart of the server.
  • edited May 2018
    we did have a story we built up over time that is our own, but now we are just wiping it clean for new people to join in on and have more fun. If you are asking if we are having any technical changes. Not really the most we've done is add home brew classes and races that may or may not be used. @nikiduke ;

  • alright. i see. well good luck with that. im kinda already in a roleplay server. was just curious if you had an original world or not.
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