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Theory about the "Fate Worse Than Death"

During the latest BTS video, Rob mentioned that if a player character is to die in the next 2 campaigns, we would know what the "Fate worse than death" is come the god creation campaign. I'll fully admit this is the only thing I have to base this theory on, but I think the "Fate worse than death" might be the character being used or sacrificed in some way during god creation. Maybe they might be used as a host, losing control of themselves and their form while still seeing and experiencing everything that happens.

Then again I might be overthinking what Rob said so who knows  ~_~


  • Huh.... a sacrifice eh, is like to see how that would work because the fate worse than death could easily happened at a point in time long before Final Talon was taken over by Maelstrom. Maybe some time shinanigans could happen, who knows 
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