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Could "A Fate Worse Than Death" Be Worse Than Death?

As said by Rob, a fifth sin causes a fate worse than death, but could this be worse than death? While we've been told it's worse could it actually be? How are we certain about the sins after all, after all the fact that it's a fate worse than death has only been told to us and not shown in a campaign. By Rob's own logic this is non cannon, so until we see it in the show we are yet to know. However what we really need to ask is how this relates to alternate universes, we can only really see these alternate universes with half a discussion post so no one's been able to build up speed for quite so long. However should this happen we may be able to see just what death in urealms brings in which an afterlife may or may not be present. However ultimately the only way to find out is though the order of chaos, in this metaphor they are represented by a lemon. Picture a plantation of grapes, a vineyard, and suddenly one lemon rolls in, however soon another rolls in, each month a new lemon arrives and each lemon eventually knocks over a set of grapes until many, many grapes have been destroyed by these lemons. This may be a key to find out the fate worse than death. What could be worse than being trampled by lemons, if this is the case could the fate worse than death be subjective, after all death is non cannon. With this in mind we can look at character Veseran, who we know existed only in the minds of old gods as he is the only person able to put sword in box to kill skuls. This is evident that perhaps just with enough effort, the old gods can view a character outside of the campaign, this is problematic as there's nothing that could possibly strike a force that hard in order to make this a reality. However if say 12 hours were to be spent this could allow us to have further knowledge on the matter. So could a fate worse than death possibly be in the context of the show given the evidence and lack of evidence concurrently presenting itself within any given moment or even one thing at one time. Now, one thing we do know is that Bopen is either a god or not a god, given this information we can assume that no one will talk about him until another ageless campaign arises as this is a persistent theme. This concept may be the basis for a fate worse than death or the basis of the show's discussion as a whole as what is it that defines one sole solitary character in the eyes of the viewers within this show given how many variables there are in a given moment as well as factors hinting to the lack of discussion but regardless this cannot be dismissed. After all "you Create those like me when you overextend, Sins burned into flesh that cause us to ascend" is a quote by maelstrom with no basis in this discussion. instead one quote far more prominent is the Bopen ballad line "This ring made him a pretty important due" signifying that perhaps upon the fate worse than death a character will receive a ring that makes them impervious to death and thus they cannot die, this is similar to the famous fan fiction in another community known as "heat death" where eventually all will die in the universe so immortality would be a curse as there's nothing left past that point once you have nothing to do. After all what does one view as a fate worse than death, well you're gonna find out kiddo.


  • Know what would be worse than death? Never ever finding out what happens to that character. We just don't know forever.
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  • @Dorian ;
    or a goblin XD
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    @Dorian ;I take you up on your bet! I hope Rob see's this transfers the gold whenever it happens :smileporc: 
  • Maybe they become ageless? They don't die, but aren't alive. It might be a curse to be without the Light.
  • I'm thinking that they become the base for our Order of Chaos God. We warp their minds so completely that they lose themselves and become controlled solely by us. We would even be changing their race too.
  • I didn't see the post by @Tadpo before posting this my thoughts. Sorry, dudes.
  • @TheChainReaction that would make sense, especially because Rob mentioned that we'd find out in the preview video for the creation.
  • @CookiesAndMil_ and if I'm remembering my Wiki knowledge correctly, the old Unforgotten Realms cartoon featured something similar where after 5 sins, an evil god would be released.
  • Being erased from URealms, all trace, all backstory, all just gone. Just a puppet in URealms, a lifeless husk with nothing known about them, everything that they had an impact in, just gone/changed in a matter where they had nothing to do with it.
  • No we never found out what the sins did it was the Nader gems that released evil @TheChainReaction
  • They're put in a room with Albert forever. That's truly a cruel fate.
  • @Maris how dare you.
  • i think they might transform into some form of horrific monster. a abomination created from our sins.
  • I feel like they would be forced to endure horrors which would make them wish they were dead, breaking the character into a lifeless vegetable or something. Or being turned into a goblin.
  • Why is there genuine discussion here.
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