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A Catalog of Known Diseases and Ailments of the Realm

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By: Prof. C.
It is in the best interest of everyone within the realm to be aware of any and all possible diseases or ailments that may harm them in their lives. Thus, as a member of the Disease Investigation & Control Council, or DICC, I have assembled a pamphlet to be read at your leisure. Should any known diseases be unlisted all other members of DICC are free to submit their research.

Kobold Rabies: This disease causes no ailment to kobolds, despite what the name suggests, instead its name comes from the theory that kobolds are the source of this disease. Kobolds which are carriers of this illness are distinct in that they may possess a frothing mouth, once a carrier either bites or slashes an individual, that person has a high chance of being infected. Upon infection, the individual may gain the symptom of frothing of the mouth, infected can also act as carriers. Another symptom is the degrading of one's immune system causing damage over an extended period of time, due to this those who are infected often live within villages possessing healers or take up lessons if possible to treat themselves. However there is also a chance for all symptoms to be benign and everyone forgets about it's presence.

Recognition Deficiency: While not fully understood, this ailment causes anywhere from insomnia to narcolepsy or even hallucination and memory loss within an individual. While not fully mapped or understood, superstition often attributes these to being cursed by a "dreamweaver", however no evidence points to the existence of such things. Recommended actions that have worked in the past are waiting for this to pass as these rarely last too long. 

Mesothelignoma: In recent times this ailment has come to the forefront of the public, especially among elves as their long life spans allow for the development of this disease. Mesothelignoma is caused by prolonged exposure to gnomes for over 100 years, this is due to the normally minute expunging of excess arcane energy that constantly happens on the skin of gnomes. Mesothelignoma causes acute arcane sickness initially however upon reaching its prime it may cause far more extreme symptoms such as sickness in stomach, the skin becoming purple tinted, light amounts of arcane particles in excrement, and possibly terminal arcane poisoning. Treatment should be sought as soon as symptoms arise, and if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelignoma then you are entitled to compensation, call DICC's toll free arcane orb today.

Alchemy Sickness: It's no foreign concept that consuming excessive potions results in damage to an individual's ability to cast spells. This result is known as alchemy sickness. In light cases, around 3 weeks of daily consumption, symptoms only include an uneasy stomach, light nausea, and decreased spell casting ability. Usually potion withdrawal only lasts for a few days in these cases, afterwards potion consumption may proceed as normal. However if constant consumption continues past the light stage, heavier and more extreme cases may arise. These more extreme cases include vomiting and random spells being casted. While not fatal in it's own it possesses the potential too as there's a recorded case of one person ending up having combustionwave forced onto them by the sickness.

Rune Burn: Resulting from runes being faultily being placed onto an individual, one can have the rune instead be corrosively branded onto the skin of said person. This charring quickly seals leaving an irreversible permanent mark, however what must be quickly dealt with is the internal eroding resulted from this, healing potions or healing spells can handle this but if there are none, lay on the side which the rune is placed on and let it seep out of the brand.

Swine Instinct: Developing in select Porcs, this defect causes the Porc suffering from this to briefly loose self control, reverting into behaving much like a domesticated pig. This includes walking on both hands and feet and loosing the ability to speak cohesive language. These episodes have been recorded to last from around 2 seconds to 7 minutes. While not researched into greatly due to lack of funding, the prevailing theory is that this results from improper churning of vomit pits while a Porc is being created. As of now there is no cure but the reccomended solution is to have them keep a buddy near by to keep the indevidual safe.

Skeleton Sickness: Also known as ageless. Our sponsors, The Grand Paladin Order, have a guide on dealing with this curable illness should you or someone you know have this.
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