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Welcome To Calisa Town Square

Welcome to Calisa, a town of Gnomish origin which recently received a more modern overhaul after a Lava flow from Mon Nitroga rolled through a century or so ago. Now the town is a haven for those who can't find a home. Forever in the shadow of the mountain which extends its reach to the heavens, the town serves as somewhat of a holiday resort for the less wealthy of those in the realm. Sight seeing, the geothermal heated swimming pool and regular talent shows give visitors and residents plenty to keep themselves entertained. The real treat however is the local market which springs up at the end of every month. Fancy a new hat? Maybe the perfect spell scroll to add that little flare to your date? Well it can all be found at Calisa's town market! 

The full scale can be found here:

"This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"

This is my second map, so there isnt much in the way of background detail (such as bottles, clutter on tables etc) as I need some time to make em all as .png and import them in. I may, at some point, go back and do this to this map and Mon Nitroga Bank.


  • @CPTSKIM ; have you ever considered doing more than plain colours?
  • @CPTSKIM While I am no Meganzoor, I've made quite a few maps. Some advice to "spice" up your maps is to have as little "open" space as possible (unless needed for campaign/lore reasons AKA an arena or something). Such as with this map, adding some dirt colored paths and some trees & shrubbery to the grassy area would fill in the whole map nicely and make it feel more "realistic" with very little work. 
    Great work so far though man. My second map was way worse than yours so keep it up!!
  • I have, but wanna get used to actually mapping things out and creating the environment, then get around to playing with the colours. @nikiduke
  • Thanks for the advice! I really need to get around to getting some of the asset packs floating around. Maybe not so much for the maps for this campaign, but for a bigger one i have planned down the line. Had to do this one on the fly due to work and stuff, but will try that for the next. @MasterDJV
  • @CPTSKIM Fair enough. if you ever need any tips on colouring and shading im free to offer some. also not bad for a second map.
  • Thanks dude. I may take you up on that offer at some point. @nikiduke
  • @CPTSKIM Feel free. im iching to do something art related.
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