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In defense of Ghostblade - Response to Rob's BTS video



  • @Dancorps13 Thanks for the rant, it perfectly represents my new found hate for Quintara. Her chaotic aspect doesn't excuse her action like the family of Ghostblade doesn't excuse his killing. I liked the character for her unpredictable aspect, but after the Last Beenu I see her for what she really is: a god that can cause suffering just for the fun of it and who won't be punished. "Screw you, you need to die."
  • Yeah freedom was generally a logical choice since we had just watched a whole campaign through Norokoh's eyes and saw reasoning for what she did, that's why freedom was the most popular choice for sure, I just voted it for the simple reason that I liked Norokoh and wanted to see a possibility for redemption in the future.  The idea of an old god hitman that other people have brought up sounds nice too though.
  • I missed the Divine Decision, sadly. However, I would have voted for Freedom, because that introduces the super tense aspect of a PC we're going to get to love receiving the Fate Worse Than Death. If Norokoh got that fate, it'd be boring, because Norokoh "deserves" it.
  • RAWB, I would just like to let you know right now that I greatly appreciate the BTS episodes, because story is an element that I care greatly about (Yes, I play games for the plot.) and the BTS episodes really allow me to understand your GM decisions.

    In regards to the actual topic, I am not surprised that Ghostblade ended up getting released because she is a character that the viewers have been allowed to get attached to. We, the Old Gods, have only ever seen her as an ally (twice in campaigns, but as a prisoner in one.) so of course the viewers like her. We know her, she isn't just another NPC, we are willing to pull strings for her.

    Maybe in the future she can redeem herself, however, but that decision is for RAWB in the end what she does next. It is always RAWB's decision.
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    Robs reaction to the divine decision makes me wonder. Does rob really know what the audience wants? We have the order of chaos, the old gods, blood tears, yada yada and what have you, but how much do we stand by these things?

    He says that ghostblade is just a bad person and does not deserve any kindness, but after that vote and almost certainly my own bias it feels pretty clear that the audience is just happy to see cool characters get happy endings. 

    This is not saying that everything needs to be happy and that only the bad guys should lose. Its a morally grey show and thats great. 

    The issue arises from characters having nothing good in their life and the audience only wanting to give them pity. Ghostblade's whole race was wiped out and then her mother fucking hated her. Only caring about her because big papa elf slapped her the fuck down and said you screwed up don't kill the Beenus. 

    Their whole life has been awful, but in addition to this they are a cool character who has a lot of story potential.

    The Beenu are urealm's unobtainable hype the race that from what we saw are just humans that look like birds. They are mysterious, meta and surrounded by mystery and Ghostblade is our peep hole into just what could happen with them. 

    Sure there are plenty of people who are content with yelling "blood for the old gods!" and taunting with false visions and are hype for blood tears, order of chaos and all that other evil sounding stuff, but seemingly a majority just want a happy ending. 

    In a show with no big bosses who yell "I'm the bad guy" it really feels like rob has painted a picture of the old gods being bad guys. This is not necessarily wrong seeing as its effectively us making puppets dance for our amusement, but I do think the old gods don't need to be evil.

    Note: Pretty sure Rob 100% knows whats up and he most likely is just hinting at things/pushing us into a mindset for future story elements, but its still fun to speculate. 
  • @ThePhatSass You drive some really interesting points across. Though I'd hazard to point out the ol Bopen is quite the "big bad boss" due to his killing of many characters and destruction he brings. Then again the Grand Paladin is driving for that position also now it seems. XD

    Though this whole thread really has me interested the ruling of Ghostblade, what about the ruling of Lyn herself? She's been a massive thrown in the realm and this season for quite a while, heck her introduction was committing genocide. If anything, I'd think shes far worse than Ghostblade ever can be and should get her comeuppance at some point.

    But alas I fear I'm not contributing as much to the discussion as the rest of you all with your far more thought out commentary. Please continue and don't mind me. 
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