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A Theory on Phanto (as discussed in BTS for the Last Beanu)

AaTo preface this theory, I am aware that things said in Rob's Behind the Scenes videos are not canon unless they've already been introduced in the show. Please do not point this out, it does not add anything to the discussion. Thank you.

In the Behind the Scenes for The Last Beenu, Rob mentioned that Kalisto and Phanto have both sun (and now moon) forms, and physical forms in the Realms. He very nearly revealed to the audience what Phanto's physical form is, or as I understand, who. And Rob's tone and speech when discussing it gave me the distinct impression that the audience is familiar with this character, familiar enough that when it's revealed it will be one of the more memorable pieces of lore. This leads me to conclude that the character has received enough screen time to be fairly well known by the audience without having to have aaseen one specific campaign. Sorry Mona fans, but your favorite petty crime grandma probably isn't Phanto.

Rob also specifically mentioned that Phanto was an elf in his physical body. That makes sense if we're familiar with the character all ready, we have a LOT of elves. Let's analyze them:

Rohber Leomaris might make sense; he is First of the Elves, maybe Phanto modeled his Elves after his favorite physical form. However, we know very little about Rohber, and we know from Azveltara Z that he is alive and well.

Galen makes no sense. Even if Quintara was freaky enough to sleep with her father, Phanto should already be far more acquainted with the Old Gods then Galen is because we killed him. 

Virgo and Gwyneth, as the Grand Paladin, might make sense; the Grand Paladin Spirit could be Phanto's remaining life force, which would likely still be light elemental like Phanto was in life.

However, I am of the opinion that Phanto's Physical Form died with him. And that it still walks to this day. If we really wanted Phanto gone forever, we should have prayed for a Pyroblast instead. 

Yes, I believe that Phanto's Physical Form is Bopen, the Skeleton King. Bopen is not an Ageless, that much is certain, but he doesn't seem to be alive either. Phanto's undead body, which is primarily Dark Energy, is capable of binding itself to a puppet of bones, which means Phanto's original Elven form would not be recognizable as Bopen, who is an amalgamation of whatever bones he has to hand.

However, there comes the problem of divinity. Bopen is not a Divine. We know as much from The Skeleton King, because he was frozen in time, which Divine are immune to  However, I don't believe that discounts my theory, because when Elves lost their Divinity during the Birth of Magic is when Phanto, through his death, lost his own divinity. Is Bopen immensely powerful? Yes, and his physical form is powerful enough to be unlikable by conventional means, and perhaps bound to his sword and ring. But he is not the divine Phanto that he once was, so he is not immortal, and can be harmed by conventional magic, which we've seen Percy, Virgo, and Phineas do.

Comments? Ideas? Holes in my theory large enough for an Ekephelk to drive through? Let me know. 


  • D'ya think Phanto was powerful enough to kill an elf before the birth of magic? Cause if anyone could, it would be him.
  • That's honestly a really good theory. Looking into Fall of Dundinborough might help; We see dark aura throughout the campaign messing with things, and then an ageless raid starts before the royals' bones turn into Bopen.

    Something I hadn't even thought about before, is how the ageless raid came *before* Bopen formed... there must've been more than just a dark spell or some weird shit with that sword, right..?

    OH, and also it may be worth double checking every fine detail of Phanto's death animation in Senate of Deadlantis. You never know, there could be something we overlooked that makes sense with this.
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    @GypsyCow ... Why would Phanto, alive or dead, want to be a Pirate? King of all Ageless I can understand, the god of all Ageless is even more understandable, but why would he want to be a Pirate?
  • @friskyBrisky Because now he has an excuse to say arg and such.  Truly worth it.
  • @friskyBrisky Why do the Divines do anything? We know very little about their personalities or motives. Phanto could have been an asshole Sun Dragon God who would make a great pirate. Or he's gone insane. Perhaps being a pirate is practical for whatever his goals are. There are a million reasons he would or wouldn't be a pirate and it could be very significant  or just "he likes boats" 
  • I like this theory, it is a lot of what I've been thinking about Phanto and Bopen. I think Bopen would want to gain gold to ascend is that, even though he may be a bit insane, Phanto would want to be a full Sun Dragon again and regain his Divinity. The one thing I'm rather curious about is why the aura would only be around his body and not his sword, too?
  • The spirit manifests itself so it might not be the sword at all @Kyle
  • @Kyle I do believe that Rob describes the aura around the smoke, specifically when he's manipulating it away from his body, usually with his deadly sword boomerang technique. Otherwise I think he manipulates the sword using his bone puppet, hiding its significance.

    I've been thinking about how the sword and the ring fit into my theory, and whether or not his being is tied to those objects as I've seen several people theorize, I think those are the subject of his deal with the gold golem that drives his constant plundering.
  • If Bopen is Phanto. Why does he have a specific gold sword and a magic ring? I wish we didn't decide that not all visions are true. Because now even the origin of that specific golden enchanted sword is up for question. Because it was covered in a dreamweaver vision.

    Your theory makes sense, but I'd say the purple and dark magic is Phanto. And Bopen is a puppet in more ways than one. This would also account for the treasure golem who consumes magic.
  •  @CongenialVirus Bopen's body could be a modified version of the soul puppet spell. And for the sword, gold enhances magic, so a pure gold sword would probably give off A LOT of magic. I don't know why Bopen/Phanto would want this specific sword, maybe it's the power.
  • I still like that bopen is a lich
  • What's so special about the treasure golem by the way? I always just thought of it as a golem.
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 The sound bites Rob played during the Gold Golem fight were back words English and one of the lines was "we had a deal" IIRC. Between that and Bopen plundering gold specifically to bring it to Dundinburo, a lot of people assume that the deal is between Bopen and the Golem, and Bopen's end is to feed it more gold. 
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