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Questions about economics in URealms

I have questions about the general economics of URealms ,but more about  living in the realm than exploring.
1.) how much gold would an average house go for, if a legendary spell scroll goes for 500g surely a house would be less than that
2.)   if the average amount of gold to build a character is around 600-700g then how much gold how much would it cost to raise a child
3.) how much would a wedding cost


  • @buzzsaw847
    I'm not sure about this but I always imagined that character creation prices are meta prices so in universe a legendary spell scroll would go for a lot more but to make it work in terms of a game the price has to be scaled down
  • We can really give an answer to this question until we know the value of gold in Urealms, and then it is still hard to know, because we don't know if things like a house in Urealms would cost more or less than a house in our world.
  • I don't think we can extrapolate character creation to the economics of the Realm. Character creation is clearly the metagame. In the Okanoma Guild Hall campaign. The players created new random spells for 1000 gold. Clearly those spells are easier to create than a legendary spell scroll?
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    I think the best way to figure out without asking an authority is to find some mention of the players buying something moderately common (pasta bread, ale, etc) as those would be realm prices not happening so much in the metalevel and then compare it to a consumer price index from a similar time frame. 

    I certainly don't think you can compare Urealms gold to real gold just from its abundance. 

    You could also try and way the economic value of magic (which would be extraordinary), maybe comparing fireballs to other RL incendiaries, and go off that, but that seems a lot more messy, and you'd have to account for its lack of rarity/labor put in vs its real value. 

    After all that, I'd doubt you'd have an accurate answer because its a lot of math to figure out and doesn't add a whole lot to the show. 
  • If we really wanted to do calculations we could base it on either applejuice or can of blood. 

    I think we it would be easiest to use applejuice as while it is sentient what salesman would sell applejuice that wants to kill you for more? 

    Could find the standard cost of applejuice in the real world. Convert 10 gold to the price. Lets say 2.48$ on the high end.

    Take that and convert it to whatever you want. 

    Already we can see at 10 to 2.48 this math would fall apart. The 2.48 was from a 96 fl oz container which is a far cry from a small jar of apple juice like the item says.

    If we take legendary spell  scroll for example at 500 g / 2.48 we get 201.612903226 Which is quite frankly absurd. 

    Might be a while until we can do any sort of calculations
  • Don't forget about the connection to gold and magic though. 
    Maybe it's not so much about gold but who you know or are related to, and the value the character brings to the Urealms world. 
  • I think season 2 prices for items was canon prices while Season 3 prices are meta 
  • The prices of items are meta. They are mealiness to lore.
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