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Razz's Urealms Question of the day!



  • I love the aura of Wholesomeness he emits on the internet, and his stories that can make people on the internet come together, and grow to be more wholesome together. 
  • What's my favourite thing about Rawb? Oh man, he's just so passionate about and devoted to what he does. He wants to give us the best stuff he can, and just works and works so that he can give us stuff that we like (oh yeah, and money, but hey: he needs the money to be able to do what he loves and what he loves is being a guy on the internet that tries to make people happy or feel the feelz with his content).
    In short, my favourite thing is that he's passionate about his desire to make others happy.
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    how have summoned me? @Gloryddd ; wait am i your answer for the question of the day or am i just supposed to answer the question? i will just answer the question.
    i love Robs sens of humor and think he shows true devotion and love for his many different projects, he takes so much time and resources to get things done and in the end his devotion shine troth in the finished product. combining that with his creativity and his very own kind of style you get just the type of guy i at lest am willing to troth my money at
  • That he actually goes with the flow when players do unexpected stuff that ruins his glorious plans for his campaigns.
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    @Harkmagic Honestly, I think the most glorious about his plans is that he's usually ready to roll with whatever pure chaos punches are thrown his way. As they say, "No plan survives contact with the enemy", and in this case, Deadbones and the other 3 players with him are the enemies of the GM. Rawb just knows he needs to have flexible plans so that they can't break the show.

    Edit: To be clear, I'm saying there is very little that is ever truly outside of Rawb's plans or contingencies. :smile: 
  • Day 34:
    Should I bring back question of the day?

    I dunno  :|
  • How many questions you got prepared right now?
  • Get a list of ideas then bring it back?
  • I have 0, as was always the case. I'm an improviser. but I guess thinking of some ahead of time might help.
  • Yes, gives me one more thing to do in the day, and isn't time consuming so it can count as a momentary distraction on a busy day.
  • I vote yes, just make sure to give yourself time to prepare any questions you hope to ask. Don't run yourself dry so quickly over this.
  • If you get a good idea for a question, go for it. Maybe you could ask people you know for ideas if you really want to continue?

    Don't look at me though. I'm not helping you, I've got too much nothing to do.
  • What should the next question of the day be?
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